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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have We Forgotten The Virtues Of Capitalism

In only four generations, since America embraced The Fascist Economic Model, we have gone from being the most powerful industrial economy on Earth - to being a financially bankrupt and economic basket case… from a nation, whose currency was backed totally in Gold and/or Silver, to one printing Trillions of Dollars in additional sheets of worthless paper – just to balance our fiscal budgets… and from a nation, “Of The People, By The People, and For The People,” to a nation “Run By The Elitist Executives, Appointed By The Elitist Executives, and Run For The Elitist Executives!”

Whether they actually represent: Corporate, Financial, or Legal hierarchical hegemonies are functionally irrelevant to the very real system of Economic Servitude, which they have unlawfully established. The Banks, Corporations, and Law Firms are merely the three functioning societal legs of the very same political beast! Nor, is it merely coincidental, that the entire western world has been so singularly arranged over that same historical time. In Europe, The Americas, Australia, and Asia something has been clearly, systematically, and quietly going on….

Meanwhile, the governments of The West - as the arms of this Politico-Economic monstrosity – have been steadily tightening their societal chains over us! This has been due to the majority’s continued apathetic silence, while a large minority of properly propagandized fools has been continually and actively voting during this same historical period of time. After all, our political leaders must have a proper justification in order to obtain such vast amounts of: money, control, and political power!

Of course, the true question – which should be on everyone’s mind – is: “who precisely occupies the head of this artificial, dangerous, and human creation?” I, personally, believe I know with remarkable and pinpoint accuracy… however, at this time, I dare not [honestly] disclose it! Suffice it to say, the timing isn’t yet right and the fields are [now] finally blooming toward harvest….

That being said, don’t fear: “Yahweh will outstretch His almighty hands in our nearing time of trouble!” It is written, “He shall send Michael in our time of trouble to do war with The Beast… and to destroy those who would [if unchecked] ultimately destroy the Earth.” Never fear, Little Flock, for “He is with us always even to the end of the age!”
Now, back to the subject at hand…. We have [apparently] forgotten the “Virtues of Capitalism!” So let me give you some commonly understood examples from Our Capitalist Past…. For instance:

Before, either: Corporate or Governmental Health Care, America largely complained about “Pay As You Go….” However, at that time, everyone knew their doctors closely and personally… there were so darn many of them and they were so readily available, that health care was a doable expense for the majority of all citizens - without resorting to an installment payment plan… they would gladly come to your house to perform medical treatment… and, since it was moderately [or reasonably] expensive for all participants alike, medical care was reserved for real medical issues and problems!

Before the advent of: Cable Networks, Dishes, or Digital Networks, Radio and Television programs were: wholesome, far more interesting, and free! They competed for our affections through the various network’s programming - in order to fleece their corporate advertisers, rather than us. It was and still is a remarkable system. However, our leaders are looking toward eliminating it in the very near future… such a pity, that the average American continues to buy into these Social Fascist lies.

I remember, when cable first came out in the late 1970’s… how they lauded the fact that it offered: completely commercial free viewing, the quality of programming offered no where else, and low cost for all of its great value. Meanwhile, today, it airs: more commercials than regular Television, hundreds of channels that nobody honestly wants, and at a price - which we all can [honestly] ill afford! Luckily for us, however, our government is considering the elimination of Free TV… those Socially Progressive and Executive Elitists, wouldn’t want us “foolishly” moving backwards, now would they… particularly, in a time of Financial Crisis!

Under Capitalism, Americans received meaningful Pay Raises, Pensions, and Benefits for all of their hard work and labor… there was a vibrant economy with factories, industries, and decent paying jobs – for even the high school dropout… many of our companies were as proud as we were to be largely and predominantly American… and our Standard Of Living was higher than any country on Earth.

Yes, folks, even during “The Great Depression” we fared better than most! Why do you think Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Stalin, and so many others came into power? Although a [self-admitting] Social-Fascist, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt could have never taken upon himself such accumulative political powers! 

The virtues of Capitalism are numerous… I could go on days and days merely listing them out! And yet, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising… not really. America outstripped the entire world in new wealth creation for almost two full centuries! It went from a fourth world nothing, to greater than the thousand year old empires it so rapidly eclipsed! Think about that…. Deeply!

What was the only real difference about us? It can’t possibly be our resources, although so many historians will gladly proclaim otherwise… because jolly old England controlled over one fifth of the planet during the very same period of time! It can’t be our massive population, although it grew faster than any other nation on Earth… because England controlled almost 2 billion to our paltry 35 million individual citizens! Nor, can it be centralized governmental planning or directing… because our ancestors believed so strongly in their Individual and Personal Freedom! Why, then?

I’ll tell you why…. America was the most Capitalistic Nation On Earth and driven to climb to the top by our common desire to enjoy the natural benefits of our own toil and labor! We saw Capitalism for what it was… the natural occurrence, of a Free and Unrestricted People going about their daily life unfettered by anyone else's involvement… not government, not corporations, and not our [oh so nosy] neighbors… and we [honestly] liked it that way, very, very much!

Meanwhile, every time our nation: rewrote our system of laws, made subtle changes here and there, and added their compounding tweaks… they either claimed it was temporary or it wouldn’t be expanded upon in the future… and we silently listened and went back to work! After all, life is becoming far more expensive over here and our costs keep going up… who, in Hell, can afford to stop for very long? Nor, is any one new addition to our labors seen as being particularly or largely egregious, of-itself!

However, that Income Tax went from one percent to three… was changed into burdensome brackets… ratcheted up higher and higher and higher… adding layers and layers of new penalties and promises… was applied to our own personal paychecks… and ratcheted up more and more! Meanwhile, the corporations - which were supposedly being so harshly punished - have maintained a steady ten percent return on their money according to our exchanges and markets. What’s going on? By now, they should have long been bankrupted, by those ever-increasing taxes.

Corporations don’t pay taxes! They collect them from me and from you! When you tax Exxon’s gargantuan profits, where do they get all that money? The investors are expecting a nine or ten percent profit on their investment… therefore, Exxon can’t refuse to pay them that, which is honestly required in the market. It is included in their products new pricing! That is the truth about static inflation… and it occurs throughout the entire economic system. There is no real scarcity of raw materials, or at least very damn few! You, are being lied to….

The policy of government has never been to eliminate inflation… nor, could it be, since they directly cause it! It has been merely to control the [so-called] Bad Inflation, which results from employers leveling the playing field, when equalizing your paycheck due to a the scarcity of physical human labor. The Democrats and Republicans both know this, for it is a powerful political tool… and you, should know it, as well!

True Capitalism is the opposite of Governmental Involvement! Its honest application says that government has no role to play at all in any "Free Market!" America is so far from Capitalism that it isn’t even funny…. Just Remember That, When The Real Crash Comes - later this year, or early in the next... and remember, Hyperinflation is "The Ultimate Nuclear Option" of Keynesian Economics! Until then, keep reading….

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