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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is American Fascism

Is America a “Fascist” nation? This question [today] is on many Americans minds…. While some believe it is… many more, believe it isn’t… and still others think the whole idea is patently preposterous. Everyone knows that America is a “Capitalist Nation.” It is founded on “Political,” “Economic,” and “Societal” Freedoms… our very patriotic, and reasonably more nationalistic leadership, would never allow this to happen – on their political watch… and it has been guarded so and protected so, by one of the finest military-industrial complexes on Earth!

No matter - what we may think of The Republicans [personally] about their political alignments with “Big Business,” or The Democrats [specifically] regarding their “Socially Progressive” or “Socially Empowering” political agenda – neither of them, would allow Fascism to gain a political beachhead in “Our Freedom Loving Nation.” Nor, would our modern American population ever politically allow it to happen. We are far too patriotic, politically hardworking, and observant to the relevant political issues – for any such thing to occur!

However, being diligent Americans, let us explore this issue in depth – just for a moment…. What exactly is Fascism? There seems to be so very many differing opinions upon that one subject alone…. Why are there so many diverse opinions over precisely what comprises it? There must be a reason that “One” simple political term has such a plethora of meanings….

Any diligent, and thorough, attempt at understanding precisely where America stands must begin with the latter question! What precisely is Fascism… and, for good measure, what is Capitalism [our yardstick]?

Fascism: A politico-economic system denoted by extreme nationalism, and direct societal regulation of all privately held personal and corporate assets for the purposes of perceived societal benefit. These perceived benefits often include: Centralized Planning Of Infrastructural Assets, Efficiency Of Standardization, Environmental Protection, Societal Safety, Public Health, National Defense, or even International Economic Advantage.”
"Capitalism: An economic system based upon strict property ownership, wherein all rights and authorities are vested fully in the hands of the property owner. Although the surrounding society may lack any specific input, or regulatory control, over individually owned property and the activities that occur upon it; properly legislated laws [applicable to everyone], certain public opinion, and the threat of legal action provide the equivalent checks and balances to individual abuses. More importantly: Capitalism elevates, promotes, and strengthens the rule of law within every society, which inevitably adopts it!

Wow… these two are remarkably different from each other! But, wait a minute… there are other definitions for “Fascism” than this one…. For example:

Wikipedia, Merriam-WebsterLibrary Of EconomicsDictionary.comThe Free Dictionary.comAnswers.com 

By examining these various definitions, it becomes readily apparent what has happened here…. All of the differences, of opinion, over what constitutes “Fascism” are inherent respective to the particular implementation of it, either: at the particular time of discussion, or from a particular historical standpoint. For example: Mussolini devised a totalitarian nationalistic oriented state… Franco added Catholicism and hatred for Leftist Socialism… and Hitler added ethnocentric, racial extremism, and ethnic genocide.

That being the case, let’s return to our original definitions as understood prior to these “more radical” implementations of Fascism.

Fascism: A politico-economic system denoted by extreme nationalism, and direct societal regulation of all privately held personal and corporate assets for the purposes of perceived societal benefit.
"Capitalism: An economic system based upon strict property ownership, wherein all rights and authorities are vested fully in the hands of the property owner."

Which Political and Economic model more closely resembles [and/or defines] our Modern American Nation? I don’t know about you, but I’m going with the former one. America is a “Fascist Nation,” folks! But, what do you think about it… and why should it even matter at all?

After all, millions of people - all across the globe – are currently living under one of these “Political” and “Economic” constructions… and, for the most part, the majority of them aren’t complaining! Fascism offers many perceived benefits in inherent sociological stability, geo-political empowerment, and centrally directed [or streamlined] economic efficiency. In essence, it offers a centrally structured political, societal, economical, and financial framework in which we may interact more efficiently… Right?

Wrong. The very problems, which America today is suffering under, are a direct result of her adoption of “Fascism…” and, then later it’s more socially progressive and politically empowering cousin, known by many as simply “Social-Fascism!” Unlike, many of us today, our ancestors understood that “Capitalism” and “Freedom” walk hand in hand… and they have to… after all, they’re married to each other - as surely as - God performed the ceremony Himself! This marriage occurred when the Universal Laws that govern us were first created….

“Social Empowerment” cannot occur without “Individual Enslavement!” The government has to get [all that] money from somewhere; they can’t just print it… and, to the extent that they forcibly take it, you have effectively become their revenue-producing slaves…. Just because, they allow you to choose your own form of physical enslavement, doesn’t in any way mitigate the true societal-harms being done! Simply put, “Socio-Economic Slavery” is still “Physical Slavery” and it suffers from the very same dysfunctional Side Effects!

While, our earlier American counterparts – operating under Capitalism - witnessed an average of twenty-percent growth… In modern times, America has merely benefited from an annual average of two-percent economic growth per year – for decades under Social-Fascism… and, just for the sake of comparison, most “Socialist Nations” have been stumbling along at an average of 0.2 percent growth over that very same period of time. Why is there such a tremendous difference, between these three differing politico-economic systems?

The answers, of course, are all resultant from the certain and verifiable consequences of “Freedom” and how it interacts with our inherent [and underlying] economic forces of “Supply and Demand.” You see… Freedom, in its purest sense, is the key dynamic force directing the allocation of all human property, resources, and effort! To the degree that any society moves along the sliding scale from “Individual Freedom” to “Legislative Societal Bondage,” the economic engine is equally impacted to that very same degree.

Even, as the “Old Plantation System” of the then southern planters brought a certain degree of economic ruin to their general society… the “Company Store System” employed by the then northern industrialists, survived almost exclusively off of exports to other wealthier nations. When the working class is too impoverished to participate in the overall economy, their spending habits reflect their all too common societal situations! However, when the working class is socially and financially free, the potential number of "wealth-generating transactions" increases dramatically.

Thus, American Fascism has a significant restraining effect upon our overall economy – even in good economic times…. However, the “Social-Fascist” component of our modern society adds even more problems into this problematic equation. By, subsidizing certain key industries such as: Agriculture [through agricultural supports], Retail [by directly subsidizing underpaid workers], Service Providers [through unlawful immigration], and Heavy Industry [by cleverly devised societal protections]; we have added financial burdens that the overall economy won’t long sustain!

At the end of the day, the books will inevitably be closed… and no individual human, no constituent society, and no cleverly devised nation can spend revenue - which it doesn’t have to spare... and, when placed into historical perspective, it doesn’t take long to see where were headed either! Freedom just makes Good Financial Sense! Go Tea Party, go....

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