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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Causes Of The American Civil War

Contrary to popular myth and modern opinion, The American Civil War was never about Slavery! Perhaps, the most well informed, well documented, and well written document ever published upon this subject was penned by Patrick J. Buchanan on February 12th 2009. Although, the dividing issues were over matters of Trade, the underlying principles were that of: State Sovereignty, At Will Solidarity [In A Union], and States Rights!

Just as our laws make it illegal to smash someone's knees or to kill them for leaving, "A [voluntary] Worker's Union Membership..." Sovereign States, or Countries, have a Lawful Right to leave All Unions At Will - if they are inherently oppressive! In fact, that was the very basis for the original Declaration Of Independence in 1776... Was It Not? Where, then, is the "Right Of Ascension" - for, any created political body, to ignore "The Consensual Act Of Any Human Being [Or Entity] To Peaceably Walking Away From An Argument?"

Using unjustifiable force to mandate compliance with any matters of Individual And Personal Sovereignty is Tyranny - by definition. Only with the verifiable proof of personal injury toward others, are such occasional violations of sovereignty lawful under Our Constitutional Law! Under what devious logic, did the "Southern States" cause verifiable injury toward those in The North?
  • To put it another way, precisely who invaded whom, first? 
  • Which parties were the Aggressors, and which ones were the Defenders?
  • And Why, are our history texts so historically inaccurate, regarding this?
Alas, as many famous personages have noted, the victor wins the ultimate right to document history - more to his own personal liking... "To the Victor, belongs the spoils of war...." Was Slavery morally, ethically, and spiritually wrong? Of Course, It Was! Should it have been overturned much sooner? You Bet! But, was The Civil War [honestly] about Slavery? No, It [Most Certainly] Wasn't! Nor, If And When, The Federal Authorities attempt to impose Martial Law  - once again upon The States - will "Domestic Terrorism" have anything to do with it!

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