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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Are The Anonymous Legion:

In the course of the Tea Party Awakening , I have observed at least ten distinctive American groups, factions, or dynamics either: developing, or growing stronger [so far]. Many of these, such as: The John Birch Society, The Lyndon LaRouche Organization, The Constitutional Party, and The Libertarian Party have been around for a very long time. While others, such as: The Ron Paulists, The American Freedom Party, Tax Tea Rebellion, The New American Tea Party, and numerous others have not.

Among the latter of these, is a group known as either: Anonymous, Legion, or The Anonymous Legion. This particular one stands out, as being quite different than the rest, in several important key respects. And, I [honestly] believe it is very important that we quite honestly note them….

For one thing, they claim to be [and most likely are] a very large group of Professional, Technologically Savvy, and Upper Middle-Class Americans! They, quite honestly and openly admit to having a particularly narrowly focused political and societal agenda… their work is primarily accomplished through a creative use of The Internet… and, they do so anonymously, as their [highly] creative name, so openly implies.

Although, they admit to being primarily a collection of scientists, technicians, and computer hackers – they claim a power base as broad as any other of the earlier mentioned political segments. While, it is obvious, from their numerous and well produced video messages and announcements – that they possess considerable talents, skills, abilities, and resources in that important area!

They also claim the ability to shutdown the Internet Infrastructural assets of those branded as enemies either: through their own [personal] actions, or for certain necessary political cause! They fully, openly, and honestly admit to being “CyberTerrorists…” while [equally] claiming to be: fair, impartial, reasonable, and socially benevolent in nature… stating that they will never bring harm to persons or their valuable property. Although this is a very bold assertion, it remains to be seen whether that shall invariably be the case…. So far, they have kept their word.

Aside from expressing their interests in America’s steadily growing revolt against Social-Fascism’s ever tightening political grip, they apparently have a quite unique agenda. They absolutely hate the leadership, organization, and denominational practices of The Official Church of Scientology! I gather, from numerous videos respecting them, that those Scientologist Leaders have greatly offended them in some very significant ways. Since Scientology is a very big with the Upper Middleclass Technology Crowd, it honestly figures that they should somehow invite this type of wrath - from those most capable of doing it.

Personally, being a believer in God, I could care less about Scientology’s current dilemma with Anonymous! However, it bears watching for other important political reason…. The character of Anonymous will be revealed in how they address their social and political enemies, therefore I would advise a certain amount of ongoing public scrutiny!

Anonymous claims to be watching over our historic political developments, as Americans across our land are finally awakening from their slumber… and I suppose its good to have such useful friends and allies? However, we must equally bear in mind, that those same anonymous resources could very easily be focused against us, as well. I am not so certain, that I like that concept!

As an Anonymous political entity, The Legion is both a powerful tool and a dangerous threat to and/or for our American Freedom! The Arab world has a saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend…” whereas, Jesus [the son of God] equally stated: “If they be not against us, then they be for us…” and both expressions are quite honestly True. However, in a world of subtly shifting, extremely fluid, and highly dynamic alliances, we must constantly reassess these political alliances.

Therefore, as fitting and properly I must do, Anonymous Legion this message is For You:

You Are Not The Only Americans: Watching, Remembering, and Recording The Actions Of Others…. The Real American is doing his part, as well. You have been served notice: Follow Your Own Previously Stated Rules And All Shall Be Well Between Us. Above Everything, Other Than God, I Love My Country... And Don’t You Forget It - The Real American!”

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