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Monday, March 15, 2010

Why Do I Always Refer To The Tea Party As "A Movement"

In the strictest terms [or sense] of being designated a political party, the “Tea Party Movement” doesn’t currently fit the bill! Political Parties are highly organized, with a standardized organizational structure, and fully possessive of a commonly agreed to political ideal or agenda. The Tea Party Movement   is a disorganized, grouping of equally disillusioned Americans - that has become aware of our impending societal destruction – but has yet to agree on how to properly address the underlying issues involved!

They are significantly lacking in certain relevant historical knowledge, specific political detail, and the fundamental spiritual [or philosophical] social bearing to determine that necessarily common direction… to specifically organize their forces for battle… or to advance a true political leadership of their own at this time! However, that being said, they possess something that neither: the Republicans or Democrats have. That is a desire to effect: True, Lasting, and Highly-Beneficial Change for all Americans [rather than merely for those at the top].

Thus, they equally possess the advantages of: “Truth” in their logical arguments, “Morality” in their readily apparent motivations, and normative “Middle-Class Values” decidedly upon their ideological side. These common historical determinants ensure that The Tea Party Movement  will in fact become a certain societal force to contend with… contrary, to other past historical and political awakenings in America!

However, while pondering and absorbing that truly optimistic statement, bear in mind that the existent and currently dominant political powers are neither: without certain currently greater situational advantages, nor politically toothless! They didn’t get where they are by playing within the American Electorate fairly… nor, did they maintain a one hundred and fifty year hegemony, by long ignoring their political enemies! It is quite safe to say, that by the time “The Tea Party ” begins actively organizing its activities both dominant parties will be viciously opposing its ideology, chosen officers, and offered up candidates.

Currently, the Democrats feel that this is only a Republican problem. While most Republicans, consider it merely just another political nuisance to alternatively: stamp out, falsely embrace, or even ride. The folly, which they are thusly displaying, gives us a small amount of time to educate, inform, and court additional interest from a disillusioned American public to return to Our Proper American Values and True Constitutional Law.

However, don’t expect such political arrogance and pomposity to last for very long! For, once they discern the seeds of political dissent sprouting up amongst them, they will quickly snap back politically together as the one true party that they are. Oh yes, folks, the Democratic-Republican Party  is still only one politically and ideological party! What has allowed them to politically diverge is the absence of any real competition in the general electorate. Just watch what happens, as our modern history begins to unfold with a renewed and reinvigorated competition!

Much of Earth’s history moves very slow… and hinges upon very small incremental changes. But, at other times, it swings quite wildly… and shifts almost constantly overnight! We are in for some interesting times, here in America… and that is the result of certain powerful political forces locked into the tectonic plates of our Modern Societal Fabric. A political earthquake of monumental proportion is building… and its snap, as well, shall be flatly heard around the world!

To AL: The political structure we're currently fighting will be much bigger than any of us ever expected! If you are who that you claim, then you'll likely get this message... Government, Bank, Corporation, Universal Church, Daughters, Scientology, and many more.... LOTS OF MONEY, BUILD LONG TIME, CENTURIES, BEAST, E.O.D./T.I.S., Praise God! Acknowledge.

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