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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Social Progressivism Is A Disease.

A healthy political electorate, such as possessed at our nation’s founding, is both able embrace or adapt to necessary paradigm shifts without disenfranchisement, dissention, and internal war! With two divergent and ideologically differing political parties, the electorate can move extensively backward or forward in its political direction – based upon the overall society observing political “Cause and Effect .” Thus, the eventual negative consequences or more beneficial results form a political impetus for necessary change! That is the result within a healthy political system.

However, it is within the nature of “Social Progressivism ” to inherently corrupt the historical genetic code of the society, which inevitably ingests it! This societal carcinogen, although seemingly quite harmless at first, sticks like tar in the respiratory system of our necessary economic engine… and diminishes its natural functions to both produce wealth and maintain its higher rate of economic efficiency. The fact that we cannot feel its effects at first doesn’t in any way lessen its true systemic damage. In fact, it only encourages us to its continued use and complacency!

Meanwhile, by the time we finally feel its effects, the patient is already dying from the Economic Cancer eating it out from inside… by then, drastic answers may be fully required to essentially remove it – at considerable societal costs! Yes, friends, I am equating our current Economic Crisis  to having a lung removed… and, we better do it quick, because this specific patient is already dying!

The reason that “Social Progressivism” is so darn toxic to our political system is that The Universal Laws of Economics  are dependent upon total and unrestricted Freedom operating its God-given magic upon our human society - at large. Any interference at all, by anyone external to this process, disrupts the natural flow from the social gas tank to the economic engine, which pulls the whole car! And, given enough external interference, the engine will seize up for good… or, at least, until the problem is properly isolated and fixed.

It doesn’t have to be terminal for the patient, if a doctor or mechanic is sought after within a reasonable time. However, the damage which will occur [if we simply keep on ignoring it] will invariably be substantial and, quite honestly, can be terminal! The wholesale destruction of Capital - which occurs with a true economic collapse – can be equated to the devastation of Europe at the end of World War II . It will take a generation to fully recover!

Here’s how that societal cancer develops. As the one party moves to “The Socially Progressive Left,” the overall society and patient feels no deleterious effects. Thus, overtime, the party which embraces “The Political Right” is pressured to adopt such equally harmless behaviors thanks to socially exerted peer pressure from those in “The Political Middle.” After all, everyone is still quite happy and no negative effects have been substantially effected, or noted. Thus, “The Political Right” shifts politically Leftward over time and yet always maintaining a respectful and defining difference!

Over time, these slow and subtle movements amount to significant and massive systemic changes… but, since they occur over numerous generations, all point of historical [or cultural] reference are unmistakably lost to those who are residing under such an ever-evolving, fluid, and dynamic political system! Meanwhile, when problems inevitably or invariably occur, those on “The Political Right” think that they fully represent the necessary solution – while being substantially the cause of the underlying problem! Nor [being the party of Goodness, Correctness, and Rightness], will they honestly examine themselves too deeply in this all-important political area!

Look around, at The Republicans today, are they even representative of that same party in the mid 1970’s? How about, prior to The New Deal, for some of you octogenarians? Hell, I’d be happy if they wanted to honestly balance a budget! They have adopted so much of “The Leftist Ideals” that after coming to power by a landslide on a platform of effecting real change, that they were acting like Social-Fascist Democrats before the end of one term! It is no wonder that they were later defeated….

Meanwhile, when President Barak Obama ran on a platform of “Real Change” a thoroughly disillusioned, disaffected, and disenfranchised electorate voted for him so strongly that they even forgot he was a Social-Fascist Democrat – for a time! Now that they realize, however, that his idea of change is merely to pay for excessive spending by the issuance of trillions in new American currency; they are all up in arms. Why? Because, even an idiot knows where this policy will take us!

The Elderly American, living on a fixed income, doesn’t want his savings destroyed over night by hyperinflation… The Working Class American, trying to stay above water, doesn’t want to live in a totally devastated economy… and [even] some of The Wealthier Americans are moving their assets into: Gold, Silver, and other International Currencies just to be safe! Why do you think Gold is around a thousand dollars an ounce, anyway? Gold is the only stable currency in times of financial duress. I know, it’s an awful lot to think about….

However, that is also how The Tea Party Movement is gaining growing support from Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalist, and every other fragment of our immense political spectrum into what is extensively a very Conservative Movement . Even many Democrats, will now openly admit, that something better be changed and quick. It's not that they have changed ideologically, but rather they inherently sense that we've gone way too far to ultimately and financially survive it!

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