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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Fundamental Flaw In All Leftist Ideologies

The fundamental flaw in all “Leftist Ideologies ” is in their failure to understand what Capitalism  is, what it quite honestly represents, and ultimately how it operationally functions! Without a proper understanding of Capitalism, any efforts by man to systemically or systematically alter it are doomed to inevitable political failure. Nor, even with that knowledge, will these universal and governing laws of economics honestly allow man’s foolhardy and foolish interventions to long stand in a dynamic, fluid, and ongoing human history!

Human Politico-Economic Systems represent humanly engineered dams withholding, channeling, and diverting these naturally occurring overall economic forces. They may be built from dirt, aggregate, timber, or even stone. But, they cannot hold up over time; and the larger we extensively build them, the greater the forces that they must factually contain!

As these forces exert their natural pressures, we witness an ever-growing number of leaks, which inevitably will spring up. But, as clever and industrious as beavers, our human politicians and economists will invariably devise new ways to address these ongoing societal problems. Some will naturally opt for “Supply Side Fixes,” and others for “Demand Driven Social Dynamics…” but the forces of Supply and Demand: are, always will, and always have been, in a constant state economic balance. Therefore, neither solution will ever work over the long term!

Rather, these forces will continue to escalate until a maximum pressure is achieved, at which point, the long held back torrent will sweep that particular colony of beavers away! That is what America is currently experiencing. We are in far bigger economic trouble than those political and economic beavers can honestly or conceptually handle operating under the mere rules of simplified Keynesian Economics!

John Maynard Keynes was a very clever economist, but he was only a man and subject to our common human condition. To put it bluntly, he made certain common human errors in his economic assumptions and equations… and the idiots, who’ve fully embraced them, are soon to be in for a very real awakening shock!

Though, I’m no noted economist, I am a fundamental philosophical thinker and I can personally attest to knowing where his formulas went disastrously wrong. Capitalism is the result of Economic Freedom and not the other way around! By controlling, or manipulating, the overall economy - through their various regulatory tweaks and social adjustments – they have created the very economic crises that they essentially had hoped to arguably avert. In fact, here's a good online reference !

Just as other formulations in science are found being utilized by our universe across differing philosophical studies, E=MC2 also equally applies in the field of Systemic Economics! Where: E is the overall Economy [or Economic Capacity toward the creation of new wealth]... M is the overall Money Supply [or potential Investment Capital]... and C, is the overall Capital Assets [or means of Societal Production].

Consequently, increasing taxation on M to pay for more of C, will work no better than increasing taxation on C to pay for more of M. There is no net gain in either possible political equation! However, due to governmental and societal inefficiencies there will be [in fact] a substantial loss from foolishly attempting the economically impossible. Bear that in mind….

The only way to jumpstart our overall economy is to lower taxation levels throughout the entire equation enough to resolve the underlying societal problem. We have lain such a heavy burden on our overall economy that there isn’t enough Capital [anywhere] for it to effectually continue in its proper or normal function! Nor, can the Democrats or Republicans truly understand the magnitude of our steadily increasing societal dilemma.

That is because they are both Fascists! They are both the products of the Fascist Progressive Movement and its coincidal Keynesian Economic Justifications for its application! The Fascist Republicans utilize The Keynesian Supply Side Technique, and The Social-Fascist Democrats apply The Keynesian Demand Driven Dynamic – for the very same ultimate purposes of certain societal enslavement to their oligarchical cause.

However, they have both invested heavily in a faulty economic model which, ironically, was actually very close to the truth… had Keynes truly possessed a scalable vision of focus! Had he done so, The Fascists would [quite honestly] now be in a much better and more stable political position. Thus, I suppose we should be grateful for his untimely economic blunder!

Luckily, the inherent greed - on the part of these political Fascists – has painted them into a political corner whereas their constituents won’t let them significantly alter their self-damaging political courses! Imagine a Social-Fascist Democrat calling for a reduction of societal taxes across the board until a sustainable position can effectively be reached. Or a Fascist Republican demanding the removal of numerous layers of bureaucratic agencies and mandatory governmental regulations so that the burdensome market inefficiencies already substantially erected may allow Capital to flow relatively unrestricted. They have far too much invested in their overall bureaucratic nightmares!

As much as the Republicans love their own political power, they still can’t make themselves do it! Heavy American Industry, despite all of the claims to the contrary, thoroughly benefits and enjoys that “Fascist Wall of Political Protection.” It makes new innovations [or upstart domestic competition] virtually impossible without the innovator ultimately selling out to them! It keeps The Middle Class down and ensures that certain already established families retain their societal and political dominance.

Nor, can the Democrats tell their constituents to merely go and get a job or don’t eat! The farmers would scream for their supports… The Retail Industry would balk at the choice of paying a living wage, or suffering a staggering loss in their necessary sources of labor… The American underclass would be out for their heads… and The AARP would simply declare war!

No, they cannot alter their stated positions very far… and The Truth is, that neither: Europe or Asia will continue funding an American government out of fiscal control much longer. Nor, continue to back or prop up our currencies if they substantially reduce taxation while merely printing more money to offset it! They are between the proverbial, “Rock and a Hard Place…” and they are beginning to actually see it… but, it hasn’t, yet completely hit them!

However, as “The Tea Party Movement” transitions into a political party, it won’t possess any of that institutionalized baggage! It won’t be under any obligations to prop up any already established constituency other than its own… that being, the thoroughly disenfranchised, disaffected, and abused “Middleclass Americans,” which will effectively be bringing it to power. As the Democrat and Republican parties, begin to falter under their discordant electorates, they will be forced to work together and rub elbows more closely.

Consequently, as the old adage goes: “birds of a feather flock together” and the Fascist Democratic-Republicans will inevitably be reunited. The Grand Old Party, will then be what it always was [at least since the 1880’s], a large umbrella for Progressive Fascism! Deny it today, watch it tomorrow, and read about it in the books that will invariably come later….

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