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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Political Candor On The Issue Of Abortion

There is little doubt that, for many Americans [myself included], Abortion is a negative consequence of our ongoing human society, murder of the unborn, and a crime – which is perpetrated daily, on a truly massive scale. It is, however, not the biggest problem currently confronting our society, the ones still living, or even our long-term future on this planet! In the hopes of gathering support for the more far reaching and pivotal issues  - which we must [obviously] confront and face – I would honestly direct your attentions elsewhere in the political interim!

Nothing we can ever say will: bring even one taken-life back, ameliorate the grief on both sides of this issue, or solve our current societal crisis on that matter. As much as, we might hope otherwise, we are deadlocked over this matter! Thus, in the spirit of our ancestors who deadlocked over issues of Free Trade, Institutionalized Slavery, and Societal Discrimination [for a time]; we must first address the reparable issues of our day.

This does not mean that we either: approve, condemn, or condone it! However, a careful study of our underlying philosophical principles at The Truth About America will reveal our true position on many topics not completely being made known. Like, Our Revered and Enlightened Ancestors, we respect our common: Religion, History, and Traditional American Culture! Everything should be viewed through that societal lens.

In keeping with that stated political position, this article is necessarily short! We have a great deal of work to do in educating the American Electorate , if “The Tea Party Movement” will transform itself into a more productive and useful tool than a complaining and bickering mob. Its nascent political power will only be borne, if it is more properly educated into a high esteem for timely and relevant Truth!

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