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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

By The Way Folks, Speaking Of Capitalism

As a modern day Capitalist, in my own right, I offer you this service [and the valuable political knowledge, that it imparts] entirely free! I, like those [now] highly-neglected digital airwaves, derive my income from carefully placed advertising located throughout my Political Editorial and Social Commentary site - rather than, charging a fee or monthly subscription... and, it is in my opinion, "Fitting and Proper" that I should do so!

If my writing offers you a good value, then more people will gratefully flock to my blog... and, if not, then only I shall suffer a socially just loss of reward for my [seemingly superhuman]: designing, researching, deep-thinking, and compositional efforts. Why should you be swindled out of your hard earned money, if I am [merely] just another quack or nut? This is the most moral, ethical, and fair position that a man can effectively place himself under! Although, from my perspective, it is honestly [at times] quite scary....

I have no means of support other than this blog! Nor, even if I could find a suitable job in this increasingly bad economic climate, could I honestly continue on with writing this blog. I work more hours everyday here, then I have ever worked in my entire life... and that's saying a lot. Because, I spent ten years driving a truck for a living! Not that I am complaining... just reporting fairly and accurately The Truth. That's what I always try most earnestly to do.

The point is, that I have nothing to gain by cheating you, or in providing a highly defective informational product. Unlike those television commercials you see on TV, my ads are pay per click or a very small percentage upon a related and useful Amazon Book. Just bear that in mind, while you're visiting and enjoying my honest political banter. If you see something you like, by all means, be my appreciative guest... and, if you don't, then maybe I'll offer something much better next time!

That is how a truly Free Market operates at its best. If I provide something of value, then I am financially rewarded... if, I don't, then I better learn quick! It is that all-powerful Capitalist concept of "Carrot and Stick." Meanwhile, I'm betting you'll honestly get it. Because, that is what real Capitalists do, we take risks and sometimes very big ones - like mine!

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