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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Land Of The Free And Home To The Brave

The certain societal occurrences in South Carolina , over the past few days, have brought up a very important political question; for everyone to properly consider. That being: “precisely what is the appropriate action, when our laws [or our lawmakers] are denying us the very Freedoms and Rights , which we have been entrusted to protect for ourselves and our eventual offspring?” Nor, is this merely an idle question… for the time may soon come, when all of us are invariably confronting this decision!

Personally, I - as a spiritually minded Christian - have chosen non-violence , loud vocal-compliance, and electoral petition as my primary means to accomplish much-needed change; rather than civil disobedience, or even physical insurrection. However, dependent upon the degree, severity, or situationally necessitated practicality: I still reserve those proper rights, as well – for [appropriate] steps two and three. A matter, as simple, as mere State registration, however, doesn’t rise to those heightened political levels!

Whereas, the situation across America - during “The Civil Rights Era” – most certainly did… and, it quite honestly, should have happened much sooner! That being said, however, “In politics, timing is often everything  when it comes to an [honestly] sympathetic voting electorate.” Had it factually occurred much sooner, that much-needed movement would have very likely failed politically. Everything political is inherently dependent upon: the right persons, timing, circumstances, and historical events in order to more properly succeed!

Our own unique American History displays this common historical aspect of these events significantly well. The issues of Federalism  and State Sovereignty  were settled – by the only means necessary to political tyranny – through our own American Civil War… the issue of State Representation in Congress, was settled by the American electorate – through the 17th Amendment  – after several States had deadlocked, over their necessary legislative appointments… and, the issues being presented by American Fascism, were easily forgotten – by a thoroughly impoverished America – suffering under the throes of The Great Depression  .

Not that I am stating, any [or all] of these issues were, actually, settled correctly... by any political measure. In fact, none of them were!

Abraham Lincoln was a peacemaker, by his own political nature. He had expended his life energy in pursuing such political opportunities. And yet - in the time of America’s greatest need, for such a wizened man - he chose a route to the establishment of Federal Tyranny ; due to certain weaknesses, or flaws, in his personal character! He had succumbed to an overriding fear of the highly developed European powers... rather than to a godly love and dignified respect for his political brothers much closer to home.

Our foolish American electorate was enflamed by their Populist Leaders  against the Sovereign States much-needed and highly valued representation, through artfully employed gross exaggeration and clearly calculated political propaganda; to pave the way for our adoption of American Fascism . Even then, few possessed the depth of thinking or relevant understanding to question: “precisely how, can you make ‘Democracy More Democratic,’ by eliminating the States more proper role of overseeing, balancing, and steadying our nation’s Congress – through the fair and impartial votes of their own jurisdictions?”

Nor, were those jobless, homeless, and hungry Americans – struggling through The Great Depression – thinking about the long-term effects of Social-Fascism; upon our political structure, overall society, and/or long-term economy; when they so gladly embraced Roosevelt’s New Deal ! They, merely, sought a short-term political solution to personally difficult situations; by any means necessary, or available… later, simply thinking, that if it works; then who cares…. Meanwhile - after almost century of societal, political, and financial decline – “It is We [their ancestors] Who Do!”

Even “The Civil Rights Movement” was a resounding political failure… since [the one man] speaking The Truth - regarding what was essentially right, fair, and just - was murdered at the worst politically possible time. Martin Luther King jr. had sought to fulfill his God-given Dream of: “True American Equality and Brotherhood ” - based upon, “the proper distinctions of the content of one’s character, rather than race.” Due to the leadership vacuum – brought on by his assasination in 1963 – an entirely new motivation was eventually applied. Affirmative Action [that result] is merely the opposite political behavior!

Meanwhile, all of these, numerous political failings bring us to our present day and some very complex political situations…. The current cultural breakdown of our societal fabric, as displayed in: our homes, churches, schools, and even larger communities… the ever-increasing economic crisis, as exhibited in our: shrinking business communities, new employee/employer realities, and failing financial institutions… and the impending collapse of our various governing systems, are all rooted in the very same key political occurrences!

Federalism has become a political straitjacket to our highly diverse State economies… it artificially imposes certain societal tyranny over people who possess significantly differing competitive societal advantages… and it threatens the very thing, which [ultimately] made America: socially, politically, and economically successful! Which is, to put it plainly, “Our Free Market of Selective Governance!” State Sovereignty wasn't just another of our founder’s foolishly ill-conceived political concepts; but rather, one of their most important philosophical and ideological understandings!

The elimination of Effective State Representation, removed one of the greatest barriers to charismatic political power ever devised by man. Which had stood as both: A Check against the ongoing accumulation of undue Federal Power and Authority, and as A Balance against the unsound, short-term, and potentially unwise thinking of our popularly elected representation! Many of our long-term societal consequences are largely due to this solitary political action….

Even, the establishment of Affirmative Action hasn’t gone without its clearly negative societal effects. Had America embraced true societal equality, as wisely perceived by Martin Luther King jr., our society would today be far less economically stratified, politically segmented, and still emotionally fractured! Nor, would we be importing minority labor with governmental work visas, or illegal immigrants -  to compete for the jobs, which Americans can and do readily do, in a time when unemployment is at an all time high! 

In essence, it is the proper role of government to: devise, set in place, enforce, and provide a highly necessary role model regarding our ongoing societal standards. But when the government itself will neither: obey its own constitutional [or constituent] laws, respect the rights of its citizens and their personal property, or lend a proper respect to those things that are justly and reasonably due it, then it has failed in its overall commission. However, “We The [American] People” are ultimately to blame…. For we either embraced it, endorsed it, and/or tolerated it for well over a century!

Our ancestors called this “The Land of The Free and Home To The Brave” for a very good reason. The phrase was coined as a reminder - to all of us residing here over time - that, Personal Freedom must always come at the expense of acts of Individual Bravery; whether political, or even militarial. One cannot possibly exist without any semblance of the other! No matter what, we might think, otherwise.

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