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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is The Issue Of “State Sovereignty” Relevant Today

Since this issue goes hand in hand with that of “True or Effective State Representation,” I shall properly address both questions together. The answer, of course, is Yes… it is needed now, far more than ever - in our entire American Political History! The four simultaneous crises in our: Financial, Economic, Industrial, and Societal sectors – are the direct result of our losing the States Sovereignties and their highly essential Republican Style Representation.

Although, many modern Americans may not be aware of this, Our Enlightened Ancestors were people of very few, well thought out and carefully calculated words. On a single hand written page, they devised an entire system of government; that not only worked, but also, produced an average of 20 percent economic growth annually for numerous generations of Americans! In fact, it was that spectacular Economic Growth that provided an excess of jobs, despite a population growth from the lawful immigration of millions of impoverished foreigners that dwarfed anything [currently] coming from Mexico.

Consequently, every single word having been written into The United States Constitution had a higher purpose, a proper function, and a truly valuable meaning! Although, this may seem quite contrary to the often vaunted thinking of our modern leaders – who can write 2000 pages plus upon a topic as simple as Health-Care, or [at last count] devise a Tax Code of 16,845 pages – simplicity is [of itself] a highly valuable virtue. Perhaps, if they actually thought that way, then there wouldn’t be a need for angry crowds lining our public streets across the country! Hey, just a thought….

The reason that they devised a Democratic-Republican Congress was to properly balance the needs of “We The People” against that of “The Individual States…” thus, ensuring that neither could accumulate the necessary political power to act irresponsibly, with respect to upsetting the entire political and economic system! This was the basis for the True State Representation in the United States Senate [by State appointment] and the Popularly Elected Representation in the U. S. House of Representatives [a Democratic institution].

They also explicitly stated their expressed position of State Sovereignty into The Constitution and clearly demarcated it [in very plain terms] for a purpose. That expressed purpose was two-fold. Had they not clearly, and eloquently done so, then The States [which were already Sovereign due to their own personal actions] would never have either co-signed or ratified it… nor, would they have been effectively safe from undue, unjust, and illegal political encroachment on the part of their own political creation!

Although, All Unions operate under enforceable and lawfully binding contracts, they still cannot use force to make their members to stay. If a Union abuses its membership, then it honestly deserves to fall by the wayside in favor of the individual worker’s imminent “Rights” to operate freely upon his own! Consider it an inducement to treating your membership fairly, justly, and reasonably at all times. This is not to say, that any Union will always treat its members fairly or equally… however, most workers will continue to stay if the overall benefits truly outweigh the costs of going it alone!

The argument that so many ignorant Americans continue to make over this issue is: “What if every State decided to leave?” The answer, of course, is that it is highly unlikely to happen… and yet, if it does, then something is obviously seriously wrong with that particular Union! There is no moral or ethical argument to stay where you are being obviously that horribly abused… and, the very same principles that apply to “We The People,” equally apply to our States [or Countries] as well! There can never be a justification for Tyranny over anyone.

Had The States retained their “Rights To Individual Sovereignty,” our nation wouldn’t be in these current Economic, Financial, Political, and Social dilemmas. They would have either: nullified such egregious and totalitarian Social Fascist Laws, or they would have merely [or quite simply] left The Union - to go it alone! Had they equally retained their proper Constitutional State Representation, they would have stopped such foolish activities long before now by applying their powers of “Veto” over The Congress! Thus, our current societal crises are the direct result of these two [supposedly] simple political changes.

Of course, our enlightened ancestors already knew this. They warned us against a Popular Democracy… They spoke loudly and often about the inevitable results of traveling that path… and they gave us a Democratic-Republican Union, to pass on to our own posterity as well! They thought everyone should be entitled to the benefits of Freedom and Lawful Republicanism… but we knew better than them, and look at where it has honestly gotten us. We now live in Economic Servitude to a “Micromanaging Bureaucratic Social-Fascist Nation-State…” and, unless we do something about it soon, The Post Modern Slave State is not too far behind!

However, many of us are beginning to finally awaken, and they must be educated to the tasks - which will invariably lie ahead! We must instruct them utilizing the logic and philosophy of our ancestors… being ever patient – with them – if we can. For, some of us, that will be much harder than for others. Personally, I find it much easier to express my thoughts through my writings… since I don’t have to answer the same stupid [and, more often, politically loaded] questions all over again! Each person has his or her own temperament and I cannot walk another man’s path… I am a thinker and a writer.

Some of you possess the skills, abilities, and temperament for imparting the knowledge you’ve been given… Others are skilled Organizers and Fundraisers… and even a considerable few of you are Rock Solid Statesmen – though you don’t know it yet. It is time for us to make a difference… it is time for us to all band together as Americans First and as nitpickers or Nay Sayers Second… and it is time for America To Change! And for the sake of our own children, and theirs as well, “We The People” must accomplish this task - being [now] set squarely before us.

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