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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Freedom To Pursue Happiness

Only a great and wise people can recognize, A Person's Individual "Right To Make Very Bad Decisions!"

Throughout our American History, the vast majority of our God-given Rights and Freedoms have been protected only by social convention and common sense, rather than codified or common law. However, this was not because these Rights and Freedoms were considered unimportant, or of any lesser value than those - which were expressly documented into the Constitution. In fact, the complete opposite was true! Many of these, were considered of such universal importance, and so unanimously understood [by our common society and culture] - that no one-ever [honestly] conceived of any right minded individuals arguing against them.

Such was the case, with: "The Freedom To Pursue Happiness..." for, it is [and was] the most fundamental and foundational Right of all! In fact, it is the actual basis for all of our other Freedoms - in their various derivative forms. It is the one massive bulwark of tantamount importance enshrined in our original "Declaration Of Independence" - before any other legal American document was written! And yet, The Freedom To Pursue Happiness is the single least understood, most ignored, and most frequently disrespected freedom - today!

On the most basic of human levels, The Freedom To Pursue Happiness is [in reality] "The Fundamental Right To Make Very Bad Decisions." This is The Ultimate Truth  - which God [Himself] revealed to all of mankind and made abundantly clear in "The Garden of Eden" - when along with the Tree of Life, He also set the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the very midst of the garden! It was also, The Ultimate Truth - which our ancestors had come to understand equally from the pages of Human History - and particularly their own!

Meanwhile, to our Modern American Society, it is also fast becoming The Ultimate Truth being revealed for all time - by "The Great American Experiment!" For, the only people to ever build a society - which fully recognized An Individual's Right To Make Bad Decisions - was the greatest success story in the history of our world... and the 100 year result, of forgetting it, is rapidly being made clear. The fact, that we no longer enjoy many of our past successes, despite all of our advantages in: wealth, geography, resources, and accumulated knowledge makes it obvious - that these things [albeit, beneficial to possess] are not of any significant value to a people!

Every Good Thing, which we enjoy today, was derived from: "The Fundamental Right To Make Very Bad Decisions." Think about this, deeply! Could Thompson invent a Machine Gun in his garage today? Would the Wright Brothers have learned the secret to Powered Flight - had the majority's perception of "Best Interests," applied at that time? Could Thomas Edison have conducted millions of [dangerous] experiments, without governmental involvement, or interference, had he [honestly] lived today?

Even in an age of massive and well funded corporations , working in controlled environments, with the most advanced equipment available, the majority of all new technology is still being conceived and developed by nobodies... often, working secretly - from the garages and homes of America! Ironically, however, this need for secrecy is more due to the increasing restriction of governmental laws, rather than any worries over the resultant loss of intellectual property. Luckily, so far, all is soon forgiven - when our society reaps substantial benefit from their work! But, for [honestly] how long?

Had our Enlightened Ancestors, not believed in The Right To Make Very Bad Decisions, our nation wouldn't have ever been conceived at all! After all, the European Societies - from which they came - were of the majority opinion: that our ancestors were mad, their religious beliefs heretical, their ideals dangerous, and their goal [of building a nation from scratch] foolhardy at best. However, against all odds, they sailed for weeks across a perilous ocean and did just that - with similarly minded poor decision makers - in an unforgiving land, lacking even the basic infrastructure from which to safely start.

The natives, although sometimes friendly, were often equally hostile. Their primitive supply lines difficult, strained, and tenuous at best. They faced lifetimes of statistical: poverty, starvation, and death to do so... and any real wealth created, would be confiscated, by the actual contracting companies back in Europe! From these First "Very Bad Decisions," they consistently marched onward - generation after generation - making and accumulating more. Thank God, for most of those: "Very Bad Decisions!"

Today, however, there are many ignorant Americans - who believe that our country can effectively tolerate, "The Freedom To Pursue Happiness" - while simultaneously excluding, "The Right To Make Very Bad Decisions." They believe, that - if we could only eliminate "The Bad Decisions" - life will somehow magically get better for us all. However, what they fail to see, or even realize, is that once all of The Bad Decisions are removed - there simply aren't any Individual Choices left at all! We have instead, become a nation, with "The Right To Do Whatever We Are Told" - by a very narrow minded few at the top.

That is [honestly] not an America, which I can believe in... neither, one, which I can or will [honestly] support. More importantly, it is not the America, for which so many have so extensively fought and died! It just doesn't make, "Common Sense."

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