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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories

Recently, I was talking on the telephone - with someone whom I both know and love very deeply – and I described to him just a little of what I had learned through my ongoing research…. First, he told me that I was either [quite possibly] nuts or severely misguided in my overall thinking. He went on to explain, that - regardless of numerous coincidental facts otherwise - such an intense coordination of effort isn’t humanly possible without massive leaks occurring somewhere along the line! Finally, he called my theory, “The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories;” right, over the phone....

The irony, of that particular conversation, didn’t honestly strike me - until I woke up this morning. You see, my friend believes that: We Humans walk this Universe alone… and he firmly and resolutely believes it! Though, he may sometimes offhandedly speculate on the other [seemingly] slim and far-fetched possibilities potentially available, he gives no weight at all - to that, which cannot be calcul-ably measured through verifiable scientific fact!

Meanwhile I, on the other hand, merely look at all of the information – being placed onto the table – and weigh it according to its relative importance, or significance, at large. For example, when confronted with the “Mother Of All Conspiracies” and the [honestly] logical impossibility of such a monumentally coordinated human activity, I won’t necessarily throw it out - at my leisure... I will take a moment to ponder, precisely, what the implications truly are – if they are true!

I will admit that, in doing so, I must momentarily suspend my perceptions of human reality - for a few moments in time... however, I can always return to that later! If such a masterful conspiracy is not humanly possible - by man operating extensively alone - does this truly rule out every potential possibility? And, if not, where might those deeper speculations inevitably lead? Am I afraid of, momentarily, entertaining thoughts regarding higher spiritual authorities or powers? Not I, says me… I’m [honestly] a believer – in such spiritual things!

Thus, I am invariably led to the very next question: “Is there a religious belief system, which prophetically states, that something of this magnitude will eventually occur at some particular point in our collective human history?” Astonishingly, yes, there is! It is found in The Bible… and, the very details - being therein described - do [in fact] closely resemble exactly what my friend has unwittingly and unknowingly spoken about!

According to the writings of John [on Patmos], an unobserved and covert world governing power, known as: “Babylon The Great” would secretly arise - out of nowhere - near the end of human history. It would have pre-existed that time period by hundreds, or even perhaps, thousands of years... and utilized our human institutions of: A Pagan-ized Christian Church, Our Own Governmental Agencies, International Banking, and World-Wide Commerce to accomplish its ungodly agenda... and, at a time when everyone was crying for peace and safety, it would offer the pre-planned solution of "A One World Government!"

Even stranger than that, this same entity was written about [in full or in part], by numerous of The Old Testament Prophets... among them: Daniel, Malachi, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc.... Of course, this may just be considered a mere curiosity, or coincidence, but it would definitely explain many things - currently going on around the globe! Personally, I would challenge all of my readers to momentarily suspend their human perceptions of what truly constitutes our known reality… and read precisely what this book says.

If a man living in the year 90 A.D. can hit the nail on the head, that accurately – in a day and age when science’s greatest claims were the development of concrete - then it bears significant relevance and notation! The odds against any one man so accurately describing our modern world and its intractable human, sociological, and political problems - by chance, in that day – are even, far more remote, than the fact that he actually did. And yet, the odds of so many of the other prophets being fully in agreement with him, are numerically astronomical!

If this prophecy is [in fact] true, then that would go a long way toward explaining our recent political leadership's actions - regarding certain key and pivotal American issues! I have never yet, witnessed a political leadership so completely bent - upon incurring the wrath of their own voters, over the last ten years. With 80 to 90 percent of the electorate screaming out against their political actions, they will merrily pass any: unconstitutional, nationally detrimental, and politically odious law - regardless of American protest! Those are not the actions of any sane or rational politicians, that I've ever witnessed or read of....

What could possibly motivate and drive them to such a state of political frenzy? In what manner, do they stand to gain politically, with the voters? And, what is the hurry, for all of this extremely complicated legislation? There really is no humanly explainable answer, possible. Unless, of course, their given agenda is very very close... and its inevitable political adoption, once undertaken, will be irreversable [after the fact] under the then pre-existent law!

I [honestly] didn’t write this to scare you... but rather, to open your eyes upon an entirely new level of thinking.... In all truth, the words and/or actions of our professional and career politicians should [honestly] scare you enough already! If not, then what can I do?

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