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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Do Humans Possess Two Brains

It is a commonly understood scientific and medical fact, that all human beings possess two separate, co-equal, and co-operative brains. To most of us [average Americans], we merely know that we possess a “Left” and “Right” brain which operate on entirely different levels and coordinate their agreed upon activities through the brain stem [or Cerebellum]. But, why two… why not: one, three, or even four?

From countless years of scientific study, our knowledgeable scientists have gained some startling insight into their specific, separate, and co-operative functions! For instance, the “Left” brain is highly analytical and raw data processing in function. It is where your logical, ordered, and structured reasoning functions occur. Its dominance not only makes you “Right Handed” - but also makes you far more analytical by nature! Most individuals, American or otherwise, are Left Brain Dominant and/or equally Right Handed.

While the “Right” brain is very emotionally driven and spiritual [or philosophical] in its function! It is somewhat more liaizes faire in its nature overall and operates kind of like the Internet itself… it jumps all over the place, from one connection to another based upon key concepts or ideas. Its dominance, will make you “Left Handed” and more intuitive, clever, and artistic by nature! Only one in ten individuals are Right brain dominant and thus their artistic abilities are highly prized by our most admiring human culture.

However, there is a third type of individual walking around among us! Henry Poincare was a classic example of this type of individual. These are both physically ambidextrous and generally think upon a much higher order than the average person. Although, they are frequently no more intelligent than the rest of us, they do seem to possess certain other perceptual advantages - which offset many other genetic failings toward their own individual intelligence!

Thus, an ambidextrous individual with even half the natural intelligence of an Einstein can be found making “Einsteinian” breakthroughs in all fields of human research or endeavor. However, these individuals are factually rare in our common human society. Personally, I believe, that if everyone could - so unlock the potential of his or her minds - much human suffering might be honestly alleviated!

Before I continue upon this subject, I must clarify a few human terms for the sake of my audience… therefore, I beg of you, your forbearance! Knowledge, Intelligence, Understanding, and Wisdom are four words, that as Americans [and human beings], we often use interchangeably in our own personal conversations… that is because they are synonyms in their actual, or respective, referential meaning.

However, synonyms are neither: the same actual words, nor do they indicate [or connotate] words with exactly the very same meanings! Synonyms contain a similarity of meaning or a connection of combined referential experience. Never confuse that conceptual difference, because it is a very important distinction – which everyone should fully understand! Our languages are intentionally being dumbed down to eliminate our abilities toward intelligent discussion of so many all-important topics.

Knowledge refers to the database of relevant information at our own personal disposal at any given time, situation, or place. It is internalized or memorized information and that’s all. Intelligence refers to a person’s actual cognitive [or readily apparent deductive] ability. Understanding refers to our own ability toward personal perception of that which fully surrounds us… and, the depth or level of that understanding, determines our success at thoroughly grasping any given idea, philosophical construction, or concept!

However, “Wisdom” is an entirely different thing! Wisdom is the proper utilization or application of all three previous abilities to see through the different veils - being so laboriously erected by our enemies - against our actual abilities toward full human perception on every single level of conceivable thought application! The reason, that Wisdom is so highly valued by any given society at large, is precisely because so few have been gifted with its [highly sought after] abilities.

Although, Wisdom is often found in the most aged among us, it often isn’t and [quite honestly] doesn’t have to be! Bear that in mind, as well…. For instance, we have more aged individuals in “Our Current American Society” than at any other point in our collective history… and consider the screwed up mess, which they have actually placed us into… and, their own selfish ambitions, which have [quite honestly] created it and bars them from getting involved to properly fix it.

That is not the action of a wizened group of citizens! Selfishness, disrespect, and hatred toward others are not [and never can be] the product of Wisdom! Wisdom, like God [Himself], is always motivated by: love, respect, compassion, and mercy toward others! The vast majority of “The Baby Boom Generation” is merely concerned with their own personal self-gratification over their remaining years of dotage. However, the most selfish ones among us can’t honestly blame them… wouldn’t we all like to sit back and enjoy Our Last Hurrah in style!

The reason that God gave us “Two Brains” was so that each individual human being could possess both functions of logical and philosophical ability in some personal and individual measure! He gave us the overall ability to utilize either and/or both in determining our own personal direction as people… and He protected it with the hardest bone in our bodies to prevent anyone or anything else from effecting or damaging it externally.

If God [Himself] took such careful precautions with His Creation, then it follows that perhaps we should hold these two separate functions in an equal regard! Let us consider them under that light…. The Left Brain represents our “Internal Political Structure,” or how precisely we shall govern ourselves – while acting throughout our society at large. Our Right Brain, meanwhile, represents our “Enlightened Spiritual Being” and our inherent philosophical belief structures. Where have we witnessed this same structure before?

In Our Traditional American Society, we have long lived under Religious Theocracy -which held equal respect for all human understandings of precisely who God actually is! Not a society with “Religious Separation,” but one, which respects – “True And Proper Religious Neutrality” for all - under God's Actual Laws, rather than our own politically inspired and agenda driven ones!

Alas, the framers of our United States Constitution were not "Rocket Scientists," but they did know how to utilize Both Brains.... Just A Thought, from The Real American.

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