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Monday, March 1, 2010

Are Our Businesses Really "Too Big To Fail"

Recently, we have witnessed a first in our two hundred year American History… Our Republican and Democratic leadership has expended considerable sums of our own money [either borrowed, taxed, or soon to be hyper-inflated], to bail out our U. S. Industry and/or Financial Investment Institutions from almost certain economic collapse. Nor, should such Politico-Economic Solutions come as a historical shock or ideological surprise, since we are living under a modern Centralized Bureaucratic and Social-Fascist State system… since, Fascism is firmly entrenched in our land [with no longer, any protesting questions]; both politically dominant parties fully embrace it; and its staggering centralized bureaucracies are highly dependent on the finite revenues being thusly generated!

The question was not whether these businesses were actually “Too Big To Fail,” but rather precisely how they got that way in a nation built on the proper foundations of law. Have our politicians been “in bed with big business?” All Fascists are…. Have they thoroughly ignored “the laws of our land?” They have ignored The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, most definitely… and a whole lot of others, as well! But, it goes far beyond that, my fellow citizens….

The incremental changes, which our two parties have invariably made over the years, are systematic violations of our commonly agreed to and duly enacted Constitutional Laws! Nowhere, does that grand old document lend them such tyrannical political authority over our homes, property, businesses, society, and even our own children. In fact, such authorities are clearly prohibited without certain very necessary constitutional amendments… which, I might add, they have never openly called for… since, they couldn’t possibly get the necessary votes – even in America today!

If the average American knew, that he could [rightfully] oppose the further accumulation of Federal Authority and Power… or, could even roll back - what has already been politically started – then their houses of cards would collapse in a minute! Across our fine nation, already, tens of millions are questioning why. Why is our society falling apart at the seams? Why is our economy in such a horrible state? Why is our government bankrupt, and needing to print more of our money? Why are our jobs all fleeing overseas? Why? Why? Why?

The answer can be found in only one place… the politico-economic system now [currently] being employed! Think deeply about all of our ongoing societal symptoms… what is the common denominator of all? The Fascist and Social-Fascist Policies of the Republicans and Democrats alike!

A big bloated governmental bureaucracy consumes far too much of our much-needed money… and our businesses cope in any way they can. They reduce worker pay and benefits, they hire illegal workers, they outsource as much as they can, they automate every thing they can, they merge and lay-off thousands of workers, they eliminate any real service, they make hasty and risky decisions, they cook the books in an effort to show a relative profit, and they flee if they can overseas! These are simply dozens of corporate solutions, to a single ongoing situational problem.

Our workers are the most productive on Earth… and have been growing more, and more so, over the last 40 years… but what is happening to our inflationary adjusted pay and benefits… even while our taxes [and even our prices] are raised every year? Is that merely a strange parallel, or ongoing societal coincidence? I think not! We have entered a spiraling cycle of an ever-lower standard of living and our businesses simply adapt by paying us less, or moving where their production is cheaper.

Our governmental revenues aren’t growing fast enough to keep up with our Social-Fascist desires! But where do governments get all of their money? Hopefully, by siphoning it off of the overall economy. And yet, what happens, when they siphon “Too Much?” Are we [now] getting a clear picture of exactly what’s happening? Fascism is the problem… Fascism has gotten, way, out of control… and patently illegal, or Un-Constitutional Fascism, at that! It's Cause and Effect....

It’s time for a societal re-evaluation, to consider exactly where we are politically, socially, financially, economically headed! It’s time to “Wake Up” and “Look Around” at what we’ve actually become as a nation. “The Great Experiment” will now soon be over… and, the lessons which it has provided, should be: honestly, objectively, and constructively put into use! For what good is an experiment otherwise?

The Tea Party Movement is growing, for the very reasons stated above… and soon it will produce a new party, to challenge the Fascist policies of our past. All “Real Americans” will be demanding “True Change,” because our modern American society will invariably be depending upon it! Will, you? Education for our sleepy and half-awakened electorate is the answer… and The Truth About America will inevitably be told! I, The Real American, have done so for the sake of us and our future posterity.

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