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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Proposed North American Union

My fellow Americans - make no mistake about it - the purpose of the proposed "North American Union" is nothing less than making an end run around [The Already-Existent] United States Constitution! Nor, is the intentional destruction of: The U.S. Dollar, Our National Economy, and Our Traditional Societal Culture any more than the means to facilitate such an egregious political adoption - at a point in the very near future. For nothing less, than a period of total collapse and political desperation, will potentially sway our public into their ungodly political camp!

Bear in mind, we are already "The Largest Political Union on Earth...." Even the [currently] 22 States - of a thoroughly galvanized Europe - doesn't begin to approach our political scale of highly integrated operation! And yet, what have we honestly learned from all of that: readily accumulated, highly bureaucratic, and centralized political power? Unfortunately, we have learned that, even the most cleverly devised of human laws are worthless - when our own leaders have set their hearts and minds on a given course against us!

The immense amount of resources and societal wealth - being brought to bear - under just such a system is beyond any form of measure or even human comprehension... the dehumanizing experience, of becoming just another nameless cog in that political machine, is profoundly disturbing on any spiritual level... and, the very real sense of powerlessness, being exhibited and experienced [by those cogs] is overwhelming! The amount of human despair - currently being generated, by our out of control governing monster - is already beyond acceptable societal measures... and still they crave more.

Their insatiable lust for megalomania-cal power, over everyone and everything [that walks upon the Earth], will not stop with impoverished Mexico or sparsely inhabited Canada! Of this we can be absolutely sure… for Mexico cannot, but exacerbate our ongoing financial problems, and Canada offers little more than readily undeveloped resources – which the supposed environmentalists among them – now claim are off limits. Moreover, America already possesses more readily available resources at home – if those environmentalists among them would simply shut up now, rather than later!

The currently untapped reserves, of The United States of America, exceed both Canada and Mexico combined, in almost every conceivable resource [including Oil]. Although Canada possesses Platinum and Gold, in somewhat greater abundance, our current career politicians could burn through their entire supply in well under five or ten years! In fact, the chances are, that our current national debt exceeds every solitary ounce left in Canada already.

Meanwhile, the only conceivable need for Mexico’s 180 million under-employed hordes – when America will be reeling from an “Intentionally Inflicted Economic Collapse” - will be upon the battlefields of World War III… in America and Europe’s effort at capping their secret and ungodly One World Pyramidal Scheme! Everything about this endeavor stinks up to High Heaven Above.

This is not the time for Real Americans to keep silent! It is not a time to timidly fail to stand up! Or, to quietly feign indifference… while, as usual, hiding our heads in the sand. We stand at a pivotal moment and juncture in time…. What we do about it, will ultimately determine our place in the Universe. As General George S. Patton once said: "Real Americans... Real Americans, Love To Fight, when Just and Righteous is Their Cause!"

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