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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Three Societal Threads

If "Our History" is a collective social repository - of Knowledge [Raw Data], Intelligence [Gathered By Countless Generations], and Understanding [Causes and Effects] – then it offers a definite advantage in the formation of Political Ideas, Concepts, and Ideologies! By equal measure, if "Our Religion" is a collective social repository – of Knowledge, Intelligence, and Understanding with regard to our commonly human Spiritual, Intuitive, or Philosophical functions – then, it too offers us certain advantages, as well! Whereas, "Our Politics" is just these, “Two Commonly Human Aspects,” operating in an open handed society!

Which of these three co-equal, co-relevant, and inherently human threads can we effectively leave out of Our Ideal Society? None of them! Nor, could our ancestors! To disregard either one is utter foolishness and equivalent to building our homes upon the sand! Most of us, know that parable… but, for the sake of those who don’t, I shall repeat it. Two men were living nearby to each other. One built his home on the rock, and the other chose a location upon sand… now, I can’t tell you why the difference in choices… perhaps, he just wanted a riverside view?

However, one day a violent storm came… it brought rain, strong winds, and other nasty surprises for the both of them! But again, one built his home on the rock, and the other one built his home on the sand. The one who built on the rock, suffered no apparently egregious personal damage! Does that mean he didn’t lose a shingle or two… probably not… I suspect that the damage he suffered was significant, but altogether reasonably repairable! Now let’s get back to the story….

Meanwhile, the one who built his house on the sand was never heard from again! That is because he didn’t survive it… nor, did his children… or even the grandchildren who just happened to stop in for a visit! They were all killed most horribly when the entire house crashed in upon them…. The moral of the story is ensconced in its duly imparted Wisdom. Build your house with the strongest foundation that’s humanly possible! That Foundation is called, “Relevant Truth.”

Our Enlightened Ancestors understood the value of Relevant Truth when devising a necessarily strong, inherently balanced, and structurally viable system of governance! Our “Rock,” was The United States Constitution as originally devised by them – through “God’s Own Gift of Spiritual Enlightenment.” Once we starting shifting our societal footings elsewhere, our political structure became more and more unstable due to all of the sand under these effectively new structural supports!

Moreover, as the nature of our government has changed, the weight of our society on those supports has improperly shifted more of that ever-growing and substantial burden onto the very weakest of all political supports! Now, we are witnessing those storms… and the whole structure is teetering very precariously … many Americans are very scared! And it’s no wonder…. Because, people who are ignorant and foolish will invariably get what they ultimately deserve. God will not be mocked, by anyone! Not even by those who can [and will] arrogantly boast of “Walking Upon The Moon!”

If “the Earth is truly God’s footstool,” then what have we truly [or really] accomplished as a society, a people, or a nation? We’ve stood up and walked to the Coffee Table, at most! We are far from navigating the entire house… our own world is so puny by comparison to that of our father, that it isn’t even really very funny. These are the mere “Baby Steps” of an infant!

It is important to keep everything we truly accomplish in a proper and readily apparent perspective! Before, we call ourselves “Societal Adults,” perhaps we should learn to walk properly, not constantly fall back down, and to occasionally wipe our own rear ends…. Sorry, I’m just thinking with both of the brains God gave me!

If History taught us anything at all, then it taught us this.... What a few dozen "Intellectual Adults" can build whilst walking around and directing millions of Intellectual Children... millions of "Simple-Minded Children" can easily destroy without either: proper discipline, adequate knowledge, or effective adult supervision!

It's no wonder, that Modern American's look up to their ancestors as Giants... the [average] modern American is merely an emotionally stunted mental child, refusing to ever grow up... and they continually choose their own leaders from amongst their own emotional and mental peers, rather than seeking out the wizened counsel of an adult! Meanwhile, all of the political tantrums in the world, won't change that fact either.

As our Ship Of State rapidly approaches the treacherous rocks, they will seek out new leadership in an a near complete and total panic... for panic is in the nature of all children! However, since being in a panic always leads to [even] worse choices, the solutions will invariably be far more egregious than the suffering wrought through any truly imminent crash... it's inevitable, for history never lies!

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