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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Politically Incorrect Nature Of Truth

Many people ask me, “Do you have to be so politically incorrect - in the way that you so brashly present the facts – of our modern day American society?” My answer, of course, is “Yes!” Why? Because, the more we attempt to color over these “Black and White Issues” with “Varying Shades Of [Moral, Ethical, and Political] Gray,” the longer lasting and more damage that is done to Our American Societal Cloth!

At this point in Our Collective American History, our society is now upon the utter brink of collapse in all of our major socio-political areas. Our Social, Religious, and Ethical Threads are very rapidly unraveling all around us… Our Political, Economic, and Financial Threads are thoroughly being entangled in a runaway governmental loom… And Our Once Cohesive Societal Fabric is now being shredded to a point near beyond political repair!
I cannot [honestly] write in safe conscience, that America is merely suffering a few minor setbacks – from which our two most dominant parties will one day [maybe] recover. The Truth is “What The Truth Is!” If you want some optimistic pie in the sky, then go virtually anywhere else. If you want political party rhetoric from a [decidedly] Democratic or [alternatively] Republican perspective, then “Au Revoire.” The Truth cannot objectively side with those who: embrace mere political half-truths, employ tactics of word redefinition, or espouse socially abusive and misleading propaganda!

In the few instances, where Democrat and Republican ideology coincides with The Truth, I will [honestly] say so… but, where they are inherently wrong [despite their sincerity and conviction], I will speak that out loud, as well! Like my ancestors, I shall not be silenced by anyone – without a fair, eminently truthful, and hotly contested political fight.

The Scriptures say that, “There is a time and a season for everything under the sun…” but, from where I am honestly standing, the time for our political silence is decidedly over! I will not stand by and witness my nation’s inevitable destruction. I will not watch “The Greatest Society On Earth” succumb to the ravages of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And I will not allow my children and grandchildren to unduly suffer for the excesses of what are extensively my arrogant, self-centered, and excessively greedy older brothers!

If they would happily rob someone’s children, then may they then rob only their own! In so doing, they may be equally hated and despised – by the members of their own homes. Thus, imparting those greed filled families a significant and necessary Spiritual Lesson! But, as for me [and my house], leave us alone. For we are all Freemen, and Real Americans, and thus True Heirs to our enlightened ancestor’s perpetual promise!

The United States Constitution is, first and foremost, “A Birthright To Freemen.” It comes with certain verifiable and socially contractual obligations “For All Generations.” And it should be openly and honestly enforced as that which it is: “The Last Will and Testament” of a truly wizened and great people! To anyone who doesn’t feel the same, then there are 237 other nations from which to choose, feel free to go…and, to those of you who still can’t get it, the majority of them are [in fact] already Fascist - so you should already feel right at home.

When push comes to shove, there will be tens of millions who'll still gladly side with me... people who understand Our Common History, Our Foundational Laws, and Our Traditional American Ideals... any one, of which, would gladly lay down his life as a True American Martyr for her causes! If Arlington must be filled to overflowing, then so be it....

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