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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Are The Players In The Tea Party Movement

As the current historical field of third party, or independent groups, is still: developing, unfolding, and shifting; I might actually miss a few key political players. If I do, then I’m sorry… it is very difficult to document political history in action! Obviously, if the right side wins, you’ll be able to one day read exactly who these Key Players were at some point into the future. However, it is sad to note, that when the wrong side wins – we receive agenda driven propaganda  rather than something resembling true, accurate, and highly useful history!

Nor, can we truly fault those historians per se…. For, they were taught what their leaders wanted them to know… in schools where the books were chosen by the State, rather than more properly by their own private communities… and when they wrote, they did so under full knowledge that The Truth wouldn’t be met with any more reasonable societal support! The fact, that some few actually endeavored to do so, is commendable under those particular circumstances.

I, personally, once attempted it… but, even my own biological brother harassed or condemned me for it – while assigning me the most nefarious underlying personal motivations! What so many fail to realize, is that the true calling of a historian can be likened to that of a true member of the clergy… both are merely compelled to speak up for and to write “The Truth .” That is merely because - without access to The Truth – the much-needed decisions of their day cannot possibly [or conceivably] be discerned! It is that need for those "Fitting and Proper Decisions," which ultimately compels them into the Historical Breach.

However, back to this article’s fore-mentioned purpose….

I shall attempt to describe each party briefly for the benefit of those coming new to this rapidly spreading and developing political movement. As I complete more specific and relevant articles upon each one, I shall go back and place links to them from this particular list… and as new ones spring up, I’ll make those editorial additions, as well. So here goes: [Bear in mind, that they aren’t in any hierarchical order.]

The Anonymous Legion:
  • This is a relatively unknown entity of in-determinant size, and current organizational structure. It obviously has many powerful technological resources at its personal disposal and is equally combating its own personal issues directed specifically at “The Official Church Of Scientology.” Upon careful observation and inspection of The Official Scientology Logo, you will notice that same coincidental triangle yet again.... The Anonymous Legion has lent its support to our Movement and Cause, because it is fitting and proper to do so!
The Constitutional Party:
  • The Constitutional Party is an old American standby organization. Although, extensively supporting Republicans in the past [out of simple electoral necessity], it is now growing and flexing a little more political muscle. Its premise is the ongoing need for hard line Constitutionality and rule by properly enacted or Constitutionally Amended Law [with necessary restraints]. For those of you disaffected and continually ignored Modern Republicans, this is your Traditional American equivalent.
The Libertarian Party:
  • The Libertarian Party is also an old American standby organization. They are the remnant of the original Democratic Party organization, which once stood for “True Individual Liberty And Personal Freedom [Under Constitutional Law]!” For those of you more liberal minded, yet equally disgruntled Modern Democrats, here is your natural home.
The Lyndon LaRouche Organization:
  • The Lyndon LaRouche Organization has been somewhat of a victim in the past for some of the given stances of their political leader Lyndon LaRouche. Although he isn’t always politically correct in his thinking or even expressions, he is actually [quite often] correct politically! In any case, they should be honestly encouraged and supported in their current endeavors, since they are on the right side of these most important issues confronting Us As Americans Today.
The Ron Paul Organization:
  • The Ron Paul Organization is an amazingly complex group of supporters to completely define. As the last remaining true representative of the people [with the proper meaning of statesman], Ron Paul garners a tremendous amount of political support in all quarters. Even amongst, the Anonymous Legion, apparently… and yet, his lack of personal charisma and somewhat social ineptness holds him back somewhat politically! Although, he hasn’t fallen prey to the traps set before Lyndon LaRouche, he honestly falls flat as a speaker. Thus, his supporters are far more ideologically driven rather than being charismatically led - as the media improperly surmises.
The Tax Tea Protestors:

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