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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pros And Cons Of The Two Party System

The pros and cons of a “Two Party System” are quite well known… at least, the pros are anyway! Those being the natural function [and result] of a polarized and widely-divided political electorate. Such as, the ongoing need for situational specific compromise - on the part of both major political parties – in their effort to effect relevant change. This essential requirement, offers any society [that has ultimately embraced it]: inherent stability, and a moderated flow of incremental change. Thus, preventing the harmful effect of radical elements from gaining true political power, or societal dominance; which occurs, most frequently, in a more highly fractured or splintered political electorate!

Alas, that is in a perfect world, where the dominant parties represent true extremes of opposing [and ideological] polarization. However, the same argument cannot possibly be made for the Democratic and Republican parties. Neither of which, represent true political opposites [ideologically] toward one another. The Democrat and Republican Parties have never fully divided or disentangled themselves ideologically, even after The Civil War. How can I say this? Easily….

Both, of these parties, are “Fascist” in their overall ideological origin; and are the resultant manifestations of the “Leftist Progressive Movement,” which began in the 1880’s. For example, consider this simple definition of Fascism.

Fascism: A politico-economic system denoted by extreme nationalism, and direct societal regulation of all privately held personal and corporate assets for the purposes of perceived societal benefit. These perceived benefits often include: Centralized Planning Of Infrastructural Assets, Efficiency Of Standardization, Environmental Protection, Societal Safety, Public Health, National Defense, or even International Economic Advantage.

Verses that of Capitalism:

Capitalism: An economic system based upon strict property ownership, wherein all rights and authorities are vested fully in the hands of the property owner.

Which, of these two, is reasonably indicative of: our society, its government, and the normative policies of our two main political parties? If then, both of our major political parties are Fascist in their overall nature; and most, active Americans, vote consistently in the middle ground [between the two]; where does that political median then fall? Under the ruler-ship of a Centralized Bureaucratically Fascist System… why, of course, where else? All bureaucratic States are inherently Fascist… Bureaucracy is the product [or intended result] of Fascism!

For over 100 years, our nation has grown more [and more] Fascist in its political structure every year! Our God-given Freedoms are constantly under threat or assault from the Right and the Left… the differences being determined by only minor degree, or [merely] the matter of that ever and ongoing Social Progressivism. Meanwhile, any illusions of Social Empowerment must come at the expense of our Individual [and Personal] Freedoms!

Our more enlightened ancestors noted this maritial relationship, between Capitalism and Freedom! Capitalism is constructed upon Individual Freedoms, inherently nurtured by them, and highly dependent upon them; for its ultimate existence. Conversely, Freedom grows readily in a Capitalist environment… the free exchange of money, breaks down even the most carefully built and maintained social barriers!

Meanwhile, in a society that doesn’t have a party to reasonably offer that highly-necessary option, a status quo of either Fascism or Socialism can be effectively maintained – over its democratically active population! How can it be otherwise? In a system with only two dominant political parties, the electorate is inevitably led - by their leadership - to choose the “Lesser of Two Evils…” and the logic is impossible to arguably refute. If we abandon the party to the Right, the Leftists will win; and our all too clever leaders, will spend a great deal of time, energy, and money in reminding us….

At some point, however, they invariably will move too far politically; or damage the society beyond its ability to bear it and consequently to adjust; and then, a sleepy electorate will awaken! In certain respects, history will always repeat itself… and, therefore, the “Tea Party” was historically inevitable. As, in their day, so we also witness it, in ours. The wisdom of our ancestors has [once again] been vindicated… by our own idiotic, socially destructive, and financially disastrous events!

Some, of the wiser and more crafty Republicans, are attempting to manipulate these voters - for their own personal benefit… or, at the very least, to sheopard them back into their own fold. However, that electorate having been awakened by socially destructive events is not being easily lulled or put back to sleep! Foolishly, the Democrats believe that this is only a Republican problem… and most Republicans, think it represents only another passing fad... Neither party fully understands precisely what they are facing. Nor, does - our newly elected - President Barak H. Obama!

Having ridden the wave, of a sleepy and half-awakened electorate, with his invocation for “Real Political Change;” Obama thought he understood them and had connected to them in some minimalistic way… but appearances are often highly deceptive, and this is especially so, in the field of societal and situational politics! The backlash, which our nation is experiencing, is the politically unintended response to several key factors of his very own political campaign.

Saavy Leaders, understand that: “you never fully awaken a political giant, when its mindlessly at rest… and if you do, you’re better off aligning with it quickly – if, you know anything about political history.” Not that I’m saying Obama [himself] ever could… that’s a very far leap indeed for a “Progressively Social-Fascist Democrat.” However, the more rightward leaning Fascist Republicans have no such excuse, and they’re missing the historical cues [or signs] - by a magnitude of miles!

Consequently, this “Tea Party Movement” will inevitably birth our next dominant and rightward restraining political party! The middle ground will move back to something resembling the 1920’s and America will once again – after some very serious debate, be [honestly] able to call itself, “The Land of The Free and Home to The Brave.” Hopefully, however, it won’t be too late to stave off the coming financial collapse and its attendant more damaging societal issues!

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