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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whats The Big Deal About Health Care

Many Americans don't understand what's going on over the issue of Health Care... and, perhaps, you are one of those highly uninformed and surface dwelling [although thoughtful and considerate] Americans? Perhaps, you cannot perceive the relevant meaning underlying all of this ever growing political fuss? After all, it's only a few dollars extra and requiring the responsible thing from all Americans in purchasing their own insurance policies... what's the problem?

First of all, many of us, would like to thank you for finally asking what we are so all fired up and concerned about! It has been a very long time, indeed, since anyone really gave a damn what we [the silent majority] have honestly thought... so we'll get right to the point.

For a very long time, in America... several decades, in fact... we have remained: quiet, contemplative, thoughtful, and restive! That is because, we have been properly trained to act that way. You see, every time one of us would stand up to speak, we were accused of being: Racist, Bigoted, Homophobic, Chauvanistic, Mean-Hearted, Selfish, or Just Plain Hateful. Political Correctness is very oppressive to many of us... and for a long time, we have remained silent because of it!

For generations now, it has seemed far easier to tolerate almost any infraction on the part of our politically equal brothers, rather than: speak up, be publicly insulted, or spend countless amounts of personal energy in pointlessly defending our own honor - to those who possess none at all... are patently unwilling to listen to us anyway... and, practice the very things, which they accuse so many others of [honestly] doing! You see, although many talk of Free Speech, they are unwilling to hear both sides on any given issue. Although, they decry selfishness and hard-hearted-ness - they are [most often] both very selfish and hard-hearted themselves.

Just as: "The Thief" will often accuse others of stealing, "The Adulterer" will accuse their spouse of infidelity, and "The Murderer" will blame another to equally: distract, confuse, obfuscate, and place others on the defensive - thus, drawing significant attention away from themselves; these people are generally without any honor at all! What is that political saying, oh yeah: "The End always justifies The Means...." Hey, we get it - and, it sure does, if you are [admittedly] Evil! Look the word up, sometime... it's shocking, I know....

However, now that we have your attention... let's proceed. For around 100 years now: "The United States Constitution" has been treated as a roll of tissue paper, "Our Freedoms and Rights" have been slowly erased, Our States have been treated as chattel property, and "We The People" have been treated as your own personal socio-economic slaves! Nor, without standing together, could we effect any sort of highly beneficial political change.

Meanwhile, both of the mainstream and dominant political parties [Republican and Democratic alike] have alternately: ignored us, manipulated us, abused us, and/or sometimes just disrespected us greatly! They used the age old tools of "Divide and Conquer" to: classify us, segment us, divide us, and incite us against one another... to achieve their common Fascist Political Agenda. They used: our courts, our laws, and our public institutions against us in areas of: Religion, Education, Family Matters, and Individual Ownership of Property. And they have, continually, sided with "Evil" and punished whatever "Good Thing" that might still be found - in our land!

For example, taking weapons away from the innocent, while letting the guilty quickly go free... or, teaching "Dawinism," "Pagan Mythology," "Islam," "Witchcraft" and every other decidedly religious thing in our schools, while showing hatred and contempt for everything Judeo-Christian - no matter how slight... and all this, in a: "Constitutional And Religiously Neutral Nation."

You have violated our Rights To: Free Speech, Assembly, and Petition - by the passage of ever more restrictive laws requiring safety zones, permits, applications, fees, and other such crap... when you have no legal power to: alter, modify, change, abridge, regulate, or restrict them at all! Even if you outnumber us, numerically: 99 to 1, all Freedoms And Rights are Individual and [supposedly] Lawfully Protected. For instance, "You Don't Own Me... or, anyone other than yourself." Wake up, "Slavery" has long since - been abolished!

Health Care has never been the issue.... The issue is a Federal Government out of any semblance of political or representative control! The issue is the readily apparent fact, that it is now growing geometrically into every conceivable facet of our lives! The issue is that our nation's economy is crumbling from over taxation! The issue is that only fools think The Rich pay the [honest] majority of all taxes! Where do you buy your goods and services, and from whom? The costs are always passed on.... Would you provide a service for an ever-lessened return on your money, when you can just raise prices a few cents?

The issue is Freedom from: Tyranny, Economic Servitude, Repression, Manipulation, and Societal Abuse - from the ever-insatiable lust: for wealth, political power, and control! Health Care is merely, "The straw that broke the camel's back" in a never ending tide of: Un-Constitutional, Un-Godly, and Un-Merciful Governmental Excesses. I assure you, if you still don't get it, You Will.... Remember, there's an election coming up in November!

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