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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They Are Public Servants: Not Rulers

Contrary to modern opinion, The United States Constitution wasn't written to: establish, promote, or protect Federal Governmental Power and Authority - over The Sovereign States and Our Individually Free People... but rather, to: establish, promote, and protect The Sovereign States and Our Individually Free People - from that Federal Governmental Power and Authority! In fact, no governmental authorities or powers - Of Union, or Of State - were spoken of as being: Un-Alienable, Non-Abridgable, In-Alterable, God-Given, or in any way Absolute... every governing power and authority had its own built in Amendment Making Process. "We The People," alone, were possessive of Absolute Powers and Authorities - in the form of, Our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights!

Nor, are those Freedoms and Rights ever ascribed or applied to any nebulous conglomerations of a societal collective... but are highly-specific to "The Individual American Citizen." Any and all Collective Rights, are only predicated upon The Individual Freedom and Right to politically cooperative endeavors... such as: Assembly, Petition, Political Consent, and/or Bearing Arms!
Our enlightened ancestors firmly believed in "At Will,"  rather than "Compulsory" Service... whether in the forms of: Employment, Union Representation, or Governmental Regulatory Administration! The term, "With The Consent Of The Governed" couldn't be made more clear.... And yet, they fully envisioned a time - when our own foolish human nature would reduce us to beggary and political chains. They were obviously much wiser than us... for, just as they predicted, our own selfish desires have most certainly brought this about!

Today, we stand in trembling and fear - of our own Federal Government, completely out of effective political control... and we have begun calling for Our Individual and Sovereign States to interpose themselves in this ever narrowing political breach! However, they cannot conceivably do this alone... we must be prepared to assist them in every possible way!

We must carefully select our State Leaders and Officials, from now on... diligently removing the traitors and spies from among our own last bastion of political power! We must embolden our State Legislatures to move to the forefront of the political battle lines and arena! We must be prepared, upon a single moments notice, to come to their physical assistance in the form of organized citizen militias! And we must be prepared to die - if need be! Our "Freedom Loving Ancestors," would do no less....

The Election Of 2012, will be a Key and Pivotal Moment in the history of our American nation! It shall either: restore a semblance of trust in Our American Republic, or provide the genesis to "A Restored American Union." Only time, may essentially reveal, the details of what will truly happen - across our great land! Meanwhile, we have little time to prepare for our effective courses of action. Even now, The Federal Tyranny grows much stronger each day!

Some of us, will eschew guns and weapons... having forsaken the way of the sword... yet, we are still unafraid of standing, in front of those - who, more readily, will! Every Revolution must have its Political Martyrs... and some of us, may need to re-fertilize our American Soil... every role, is important, after all. What's, Truly, Important is that we effectively stick together and speak with one political voice. There shall be, "No More Giving Way To [federal or societal] Tyranny..." for, "We The People, have spoken!"

To many of you, this may seem a [somewhat] critical commentary of our Federal Government... and yet, it is our Right and American Nature - to ask such important American questions - regarding the true underlying nature of our out of control federalized nation! As a matter of governmental ethics and reasonable societal morality, we can [honestly] do no less....

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