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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is The Gadsden Flag A Symbol Of Hate

Recently, in The State of Connecticut, a state representative was threatened with arrest for attempting to raise  The Gadsden Flag at a Tea Party Event in Hartford on April 9th. Such foolish political occurrences should be [honestly] regarded as, American History - in the making! Thankfully, I have finally located a video confirmation of this event online. Meanwhile, according to the reporter reporting it [previously]: "The Gadsden Flag" was:
  • An Anti-Governmental Flag.
  • And Represented Hatred and/or Hate Speech.
However, we can [in fact] locate very accurate information on this particular Patriotic and Lawful American Flag... and, in stark contrast to that ill-informed statement, The Gadsden Flag has always been flown as a symbol of proper lawful petition toward the absolute protection of Our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights from Unlawful Tyranny - whether Foreign or Domestic in its overall nature! Moreover, as it was our very first symbol of True Freedom and Equality Under The Law, it has never been used to signify Hatred or Hate Speech, per se`!

If our people standing up against Tyranny has been now redefined as "Hate Speech," then who are the offended parties - being fully subjected to it? Our Over-Reaching And Over-Stepping Governmental Leaders? Personally, I don't believe that such an argument can stand up in any True Court! If it does, however, then America is already lost!

Not only do our leaders constitutionally work for us, but The Constitution even allows for their ultimate overthrow - if our "Consent To Be Governed" is considered to be egregiously compromised under our laws! Nor, are the courts, the sole determinant of such historic public considerations. You cannot [honestly] reference: "The Consent Of The Governed," without automatically assuming that "We The People" do not exercise "The Ultimate Authority" under these gross political matters... for to do so, is completely disingenuous to the nth degree! Either: Consent is Lawfully Required, Or Not!

If, and when, The Federal Government seeks to Unconstitutionally Impose A Federal Martial Law - they will have themselves violated this Ultimate Principle Of Consensual Governance - and thus, be subject to being lawfully swept away under a tide of ground swelling opposition by: The People [in the form, of their Public Militias], The States [in the exercision of, Their Constitutional Duties], and Our Own National Forces [in protecting us from Our Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic]. Personally, I hope that it never comes to that point... but many of us are wondering - whether it seriously will, or not?

The utter irony of this fact, is that - Our Own Government, seems so intent upon violating "The Constitutional Freedoms and Rights of All Americans," that those obeying our laws are now being deemed the lawbreakers - by those who neither: love, respect, nor appreciate our laws, in any form of perceptual reality! When questions are made regarding Constitutionality, they are equally: ignoring us and even [sometimes] laughing at us maniacally. Consequently, by mocking the average American voter - rather than quietly listening, and providing us with some reasonable political answers - they are displaying the very nature - which most Americans still [honestly] detest!

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