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Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Trade: A Tool For One World Government

Back in the 70's and 80's, the issue of the day was Free Trade .... It was being touted - on every college campus across our nation - as the greatest possible solution for an economically ailing world economy... and millions of us bought into this Macro-Economic lie! After all, the numerous and very simplistic examples always assumed an ongoing trade among politically equal countries or states. Meanwhile, for those of us whose inquisitive minds naturally delved deeper, the unspoken assumption was - that our leaders, fully intended to use this new adoptive trade mechanism, to facilitate an increase of Capitalism and Freedom worldwide.

However, there was one other scenario that we never [honestly] entertained or considered.... That being, to intentionally crash the worldwide economic system using Keynesian Economics... in their ongoing effort, to reboot it - under "A One World Governmental System." Such thoughts were conceivably preposterous to most of us... after all, the amount of human tragedy and suffering potentially involved, would preclude any reasonably sane individuals from even considering it! Personally, I - like many others - was [most obviously] quite naive.

The problem with Free Trade, and the very reason that it is such an effective tool for these purposes, stems from the readily apparent diversity of the individual States or Countries themselves! Every governmental: taxation, regulation, and/or restriction being imposed by a given society - upon its own people - reduces its overall competitive advantages in "A Free Market." However, such situational discrepancies can be overcome through the effective and fair use of Protective Tariffs. But in A Free Trade Environment, Tariffs are no longer legally allowed.

Consequently, The Laws Of Economics effectively become "The Darwinian Rules Of Selective Governance..." you must either: adapt to the ongoing situation, or suffer, and fail. Those who cannot, or will not, get with the program will suffer "The [economic] death of one thousand knives!" For Capital inevitably, and invariably flows, toward the least restrictive governmental entities on the planet.... 

Let's look at Some Clear Examples:

Nation A: is a Fascist State in which all financial activities are highly regulated by the State for the real or supposed benefit of it's citizens. It has an equivalently high tax structure to support necessarily large governmental structure. Since it's quite progressive and has a very large and unwieldy code of tax penalties and credits to administer; it requires businesses much time, expense, and consultation to remain in general compliance. Its people feel strongly about: their fellow man, his work environment, and the quality of their environment as well. Thus, burdensome restrictions [in these areas] have been provided to assure a quality and standard of life - which is deemed very beneficial overall.

Nation B: is a purely Capitalist State in which all financial activities are much less restrictive. After all, its motto is, "Live Free or Die!" It has a very low tax structure, since it requires little in order to do even less. Its people appreciate simplicity in all things; and their tax code reflects that. An index card which comes yearly in the mail is: simple, legible, and easily completed by anyone at all. They wouldn't have things any other way!

Nation C: is a burdensome Socialist State - in which everything is owned directly by the government itself. I mean everything! Whether people, or land, or what have you.....It all belongs to them. They have no real tax structure in Nation C... since, it is a command driven society - in which all resources are allocated, by the express wishes of Chairman X. The people love Chairman X very much! Almost everyone voted for him in the last election cycle.... In fact, if you looked across the land, you couldn't find anyone who didn't vote. Meanwhile, many people would die [quite literally] to ensure that this system never changes!

If these three nations wish to do trade, then what would you suggest? What type of trade structure would benefit them the most?
  • It is quite obvious to a child that "Free Trade" would soon enrich the citizens of Nation B
  • Nation A, on the other hand, would be confronted with the reality of a steadily contracting international and domestic economy. However, it still must maintain its costly governmental structure. The resultant drag on its economy would become more and more apparent as long as such Free Trade would continue. 
  • Meanwhile, back in Nation C, the misery and suffering has become appalling and unbearable. People are even talking about Chairman X!

The world, in which we find ourselves living, resembles far more that of A,B,and C than it does A1, A2, and A3. So what is there to do? In the absence of, "A One World Government," Fair Trade is the only real solution! Carefully calculated, and reasonably agreed to, Tariffs must be maintained - for everyone to benefit fairly, equitably, and equally.

Of course, The Puppet Masters Of Earth - after having [intentionally] created this ongoing problem - offer an entirely  different solution to our readily apparent dilemma. They are gleefully proposing their already waiting "New World Order..." which has been waiting in the wings, for just this particular moment in time! One Worldwide Social Fascist Economy, in which to operate - without borders of any kind - seems like such a logical Politico-Economic Solution... and without any shots being fired, they will have accomplished their goal - of "Total World Political Domination."

Meanwhile, The European Union, The English Commonwealth, The United States, and Japan are totally committed to this: subversive, manipulative, and abusive political endeavor! Moreover: The Papacy, The Jesuits, The Banking Systems, and The Corporations are both: behind and substantially controlling them - in this nefarious activity.... Of This, I Am Absolutely Certain!

More Importantly, however, a consortium of other Nations, Countries, and States are now figuring this out... and preparing for the inevitable confrontation over these very fundamental matters of "Individual State Sovereignty!" Even in our own "Nation of States," our State Governments are waking up to this Key, Pivotal, and Overriding Issue Of Fundamental Freedom.... However, once underway, our own history will move very quickly!

Although the Individual and Sovereign States possess certain political advantages, The Federal Government has been preparing for this - over a considerable amount of time! They have stockpiled: resources, machinery, and technology for this express purpose... they have covertly infiltrated our State governments and legislatures... and they have already built the infrastructure to assure a very rapid response. Of course, our ancestors constantly warned us of this inevitable possibility... and perhaps, our State governments had equally taken heed?

Personally, I doubt it.... Most likely, like many of us, they are just now preparing! In any case, 2012 looks like a very exciting year, worldwide... and I, joyously, look forward - to My Brother's Soon Return! After all, it is written: "He comes to destroy those who would destroy the Earth, and to set the captives Free..." How Fitting Is That? Praise Yahweh... Amen!

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