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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Is Police Brutality Increasing Nationwide

While watching Fox News yesterday, I witnessed what has become an all too familiar sight - caught on video tape, yet again. Several Police Officers were beating a citizen mercilessly on television and they continued to do so long after the citizen was laying helpless and prone on the concrete! As the entire episode was caught on tape, it was quite obvious to everyone, who had: committed the crime, improperly escalated the situation, and was wholly in the wrong... and, as is so common today, it was the police - yet again.

Luckily for us, however, one of those malefactor police officers was suspended - according to a later news report. Of course, to my way of thinking, that left several very important unanswered questions to be addressed! Here a just a few examples:

  • If several police officers were involved, then why was only one suspended?
  • Had several citizens committed that very same act upon another, wouldn't they have been charged with aggravated assault with the intention to kill - receiving several years of prison, each?
  • Why are the police not being charged with the very same crime?
  • Why weren't any of them immediately fired?
So many numerous cases of heightened police brutality - over the last several years - indicates an ongoing and systemic problem with our government officials. They have been exempt from the very same laws - as the rest of us - for far too long in our history! When our police go around acting like hoodlums - they should be prosecuted as hoodlums, and do time in the very same jails. No-one is above, or exempt, from our common Constitutional and Statutory Laws!

Bear in mind, that I [myself] spent six years in law enforcement - as have millions of other modern day civilians! I understand the difficulties in doing their often dangerous jobs... I understand the frustrations of dealing with hard-headed individuals... and I empathize with their often thankless tasks - which occur on a daily basis. However, like millions of others, I followed the rules of escalation and engagement - without question... and, it takes a certain type of individual to do so!

Those that can't, should be spotted early and quickly... and eliminated far before such travesties of justice result! By attempting to: cover them up, gloss them over, and down play their occurrences, the problems only get worse. The increase of: public fear, societal distrust, and individual combativeness - due to these lamentable and preventable instances - only serve to make it harder upon those officers properly doing their jobs!

Nor, is the ever increasing war - now, being conducted, against a video taping public - a proper solution to this problem! The cameras witnessing these instances are not the real problems... the problems are these instances themselves. When officers act properly - as justices of the peace - do not those cameras record that also? People are [honestly] within their Rights to record their own treatment by others - politicians, police, and judges included! If you are following our laws, then what is your real problem?

Video taping solves a large percentage of our crimes. In fact, many would never be solved without it! Rather than harassing Americans wandering our streets with their cameras, we should be more glad that they actually exist. Their potential for good is far greater than any toward malicious misuse. Doctored tapes are inherently easy to spot!

Personally, I'm sick to my stomach from abuse... and whether that abuser wears a badge in the commission of his or her crime is functionally irrelevant to me! Criminals are criminals and they ought to be prosecuted every solitary time that they're caught! What we need is a Constitutional Amendment to force our leaders to obey their own laws - beginning, of course, at the top. If anything, those at the top should be held to a far stricter standard than others... if they [themselves] don't understand the laws that they wrote, then they are honestly guilty of treason... for they swore an oath to uphold and protect Our Constitution, and in order to do that - they must have an idea of what they have essentially signed!

Moreover, the policemen - charged with enforcing our numerous laws - must know the laws [very well indeed] to do so, and that knowledge binds them even closer to the letter of those well-understood laws! If an officer doesn't know the definition of "Assault Of A Highly Aggravated Nature," then he certainly cannot be charged with enforcing it upon others. At the very minimum these are grounds for his or her immediate termination with justifiable cause! But, apparently, I'm the only one who ever thought of this concept.

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