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Friday, April 2, 2010

I Am A Hypocrite

Before you read another article, on my site, I want you to stop and take a moment to [honestly] consider.... "I Am A Hypocrite!" After posting a recent article, my brother recently pointed out - in a quite explicit and detailed email - that I am a hypocrite. He pointed out [quite enthusiastically, I might add] that I have utilized some of the very State and Federal Programs - during the course of my life - that my writings are so expressly against....

At various times - as necessary - I have taken Un-Employment, Food Stamps, and Medicaid for my children. Having spent most of my life as a single parent - with three children - working very low income jobs [as compared to the national standard of $49,000.00 per year], I have been somewhat in a financial predicament. The $160,000.00 in Child Support still due me [over 17 years] is yet to arrive and the honorable State Of South Carolina apparently allows women to do what men assuredly cannot... Not Pay At All, Ever!

Of course, I never claimed that I hadn't... nor, did I conceal "That Fact" anywhere in my blog... for instance, here are some examples of my past quotations:
  • "Nothing bothers me more than 'Common Situational Poverty'… I’ve spent my life dealing with it - in way, or another!"
  • "Jesus framed his wisdom into Parables, for a reason: 'to make the simple man wise, while disguising his truth from the foolish inspection of wisemen,' but then [of course] he was perfect… I frame my arguments with appeals to Spiritual Lessons, Logical Examples, and Philosophical Allusions – but, then, I’m just another sinner - like you!"
  • "My father was wont to believe that backbreaking labor – if done for the humblest of intentions – was indeed honorable… and now, with a severely damaged spine [of my own], I demand your respect to honorably disagree!"

 In fact, I even mentioned at one point, that I am currently officially unemployed in a county with 20 percent systemic unemployment and attempting to support myself through this blog and my other published writings! See the article entitled: By The Way Folks, About Capitalism for more insight onto this topic.

However, his rantings and ravings at me - over my, Apparent and Implied Personal Heresies - have absolutely nothing to do with my all too human hypocrisy! For, as most of you already know, every single human-being is [factually] A Hypocrite - to one degree or another.... Our modern society, and effective way of political life, absolutely ensures it!

Some Examples:
  • The Richest One Percent Of Americans: are for more Socialized Spending and higher taxes to help with the poor; and yet, as the CEO's and Corporate Executives of The Retail Industry - they are the very causes of such endemic situational poverty. Were they paying their workers a "True Living Wage," then these programs wouldn't be needed... Nor, if they are truly in support of giving away their-own money, would raising that pay be any real problem!
  • The Next Richest Fifteen Percent Of Americans: continually, completely, and thoroughly back the supposedly conservative Republicans - while eschewing any other "Truly Conservative Group." If they truly didn't want all of those taxes and regulations in place, then why would they be consistently spend money, backing those who are constantly doing it? Because, it provides a "Governmental Wall Of Corporate Protection" for the Old Moneyed Families from us... The Upwardly Mobile Middle Class!
  • The Fifty-Four Percent Of The Middle: have to pay out every time they make a buck and support the entire political spectrum. Thus, when they fall on their butts, they have little savings or anything else to rely on. So they go and take what governmental assistance is available - having extensively already paid for it anyway!
  • Meanwhile, The Rest: either fall through the cracks - in a thoroughly regimented society - or, don't really care....

 Therefore, who is left to honestly speak up regarding a societal change? None Of Us... or, All Of Us? You see, that's The Real Issue, now isn't it! If we're all hypocrites, and a message is truly only as good as the messenger, then no messages at all are: valuable, valid, or true... and yet, logic dictates that "Truth" [being factual] does in fact actually exist! After all, we see it all around us... we most certainly cannot honestly ignore it... for, our own: existences, activities, and experiences attest and verify to the veracity of it....

  • People disregard their health and die young... of course, any: smoker, obese person, or couch potato can tell you how they suffer... but then, they're all hypocrites!
  • People foolishly invest their money and go broke... and yet, any investor in: bad stocks, ill-advised futures, or a ponzi-scheme can explain the pitfalls... however, they too are hypocrites! 

     Thus, utilizing this logic, we cannot learn anything from the experiences of others. Nor, can we even begin to change ourselves... for once we do, we are then being hypocrites! According to this wonderful contemporary logic, there is no hope for any of us sinners at all... we might as well just end it all now! I suppose that's the only right thing to do - if you honestly think that way....

    However, some of us, understand the folly in such totally ridiculous [and quite honestly phony] arguments! We understand that "The Message," or "Any Message," stands upon its own Factual Authority... and, in fact, we also understand that "The Hypocrite" - far from being a bad informational source - is usually the very best informed authority of all. Who knows better about "The Dangers Of Smoking," than the guy dying from Emphysema or Cancer? Who honestly knows better about "Ponzi Schemes," than Bernie Madoff himself? It's tragic, but true!

    Bernie Madoff spent his life "Making Off With All Of Your Money...." Life is funny that way... albeit, not humorous, to those being injured at the time! However, if Madoff could relate all of his knowledge regarding Ponzi Schemes, to us, then we would probably never get fooled again. Don't You think? Of course, being the benefactor, he probably wouldn't... perhaps, he'll get out one day and do it again. But, just think of the knowledge, that must be inside of his head.... He got away with it - for almost a full lifetime!

    People should judge all messages, upon the merits of the message itself! The vast majority of all human mistakes and tragedies can be tracked back to one single failing... trusting the wrong messenger, for the absolutely wrong reasons. Anyone, who claims they're aren't a hypocrite, is at the top of my list - of potential suspects! I would no more trust: A Teacher, A Preacher, or A Politician, than anyone else... and I would advise you to do the same.

    If you want to learn, then read a very large variety of stuff... if you want to know about God, then read His Book ... and if you want to know about anything else, then examine the truly important questions yourself... because, all men - to one degree, or another - are hypocrites and liars! Personally, I am perfectly content with my writings being judged upon their own quantifiable merits... and, if you are a regular subscriber to my blog, or newsletter, then I suspect that you are too....

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    1. As some examples of hypocrisy, you list those who need public assistance right along with those corporate entities who you say cause it. I don't equate the two. In my view, someone who needs to take advantage of social assistance is no hypocrite. Only those who would take advantage of such and then speak out against those programs and the taxation needed to fund them. Now those are truly hypocrites of the first order.

      And to the smoker who laments his addiction. Who lacks the will power to do what is right. Who refuses to overcome his self imposed affliction. I say, you deserve no audience. And certainly no pupils. For the only lesson you can teach is how to be a willing participant in your own doom. How to be a part of the problem rather than the solution. And people prefer to learn by example and tend to disregard the preachings of hypocrites.


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