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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Constitutional Cap On Taxation

  • Quote: "When more of The People's sustenance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of government and the expenses of its economical administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of Free Government." - Grover Cleveland.
One of the greatest threats - facing America today - is the growing need for an unrestrained government, to suck the marrow from the bones, of an already staggering economy! In just a couple of years, two out of five Americans will have to bear the burdens of the entire society - thanks to The Baby-boom, and the very large and/or highly dependent social underclass, all across our nation. Yet, with four out of five current Americans, operating at a technological efficiency unheard of - for millenniums of man's existence - the burdens upon the average American are already crushing the spirit of life out of them... and still, it isn't enough!

Our public indebtedness is escalating geometrically, our national economy is imploding, and our currency is collapsing under the weight of the runaway presses! The historical results of these continuing political policies will be [quite honestly] culturally horrific and socially tragic. Unless addressed quickly, a resultant Post Modern Slave State looms over the heads of generations of Americans - yet unborn! Moreover, both: The Democrats, and Republicans did it, to us: willingly, knowingly, and premeditatively. Don't be fools....

Such a travesty, perpetrated upon the youth of America, is more than just a tragedy of our times... it is, The Testament to the Wickedness of an Evil Generation! One bent wholly upon their own self-gratification and appeasement of their highly-covetous lusts. As so many of us, lounge comfortably in our million dollar homes, safely behind the walls erected for our protection - from the hordes of virtual slaves; should we not consider that: our children, and grandchildren, are among them? Shall we rest easy, knowing all the while, that we are soon to meet our maker?

The Prophet Malachi spoke of this time , saying: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Lest I come and strike the Earth with a curse." Please, seriously, consider these writings.... How then, shall such a selfish generation, be accursed? If, "Even a wicked man gives good things to his own children," as the scriptures fully record it, what [in effect] are we... and, how harshly rendered, shall be that final judgment?

Has our society, not, already recorded well the ill-intentioned effects of such an abominable political course? Our children are faced with a bleakness of hope, that threatens their very existence! Is it any wonder that our youth no longer respect any type or amounts of authority... that their suicide rate is exploding... and that our: neighborhoods, schools, and streets have become shooting galleries - all over our land? No sir, it's not! Nor, is it without cause, that our children feel: unloved, unwanted, and tremendously unhappy - in a nation where the avaricious love of accumulating more money is held in much greater value than them.

To remain on our current political course invites ultimate societal disaster! If, not for us, then surely for generations yet to come. What is the solution, if not some renewed Checks and Balances upon the inherent and self-destructive greed of our imminently selfish society, and the leaders that would assuage them at all costs? As a society we must return to some semblance of godliness... for, our lack of it, is tearing out the heart of our nation! Thus, we must be calmly calling for proper Constitutional Amendments reasserting our proper Constitutional Authorities.

Nor, can we be panicky or alarmist in these necessary political maneuvers... for they are already seeking any expedient excuse to initiate their ill-gotten plans against us! Firm, Insistent, and Stern must be our effective resolve - while quietly preparing for any potentially Un-Constitutional Response. Meanwhile, the importance of controlling our State Legislatures is [for us] tantamount... since, they are fully one-half, of our political protection! The other being our own militias....

However, even in this: much thought, prayer, and wisdom will be needed to properly thread the needle of our developing political dangers! The laws of Good Intentions and Unintended Consequences must never be forgotten. These must be well reasoned Amendments - which consider times of war and national duress; yet, will not offer an avenue for unwarranted abridgments and excuse. Simple Legislation, as being passed by Congress, is wholly unfit to this task... it must be chiseled into our Constitutional Law!

Moreover, any agreed to societal programs will need to be either: Constitutionally adopted, or cast to the side - for the greater good of preserving Our Freedoms! For, without such legally binding actions, such precedents allow further transgressions against us and our children.

I know that we can still do it... for, God has never issued a warning, without the possibility of truly repentant change taking place! Yes, the world has become Sodom and Gomorrah... but, America - for all her faults - is still "A Nation Of Ninevites" and they can recognize the true words of His prophets... instead of the Alamo, why not remember all the way back to Jonah! A city of 300,000 was spared that day... however, a tribe of 315,000,000 is of considerably higher value!

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