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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where Are All Of The Statesmen

  • Quote: "A Constitutional Statesman is in general a man of common opinions and uncommon abilities." - Walter Bagehot.
There are many words in the English language that are often incorrectly and interchangeably used by: propagandists, journalists, and historians alike. The two most most tragic of these ongoing contextual misrepresentations are that of "Politician" and "Statesman." Although it may sound like splitting hairs, one might as well equate: "the meaning of politics," with "the politics of meaning..." for you would be, in both cases, equally as accurate!

Although it is true, that both of these creatures share numerous traits of common similarity, they are factually very different animals altogether! Both are elected by the consent and/or will of the governed... both hold political position and/or sway as duly elected representatives of The People... yet, that is where all similarities end. However, the differences between these two, are far more significant - than any apparent common referential overlap!

A Politician is driven by his desire toward his personal political success and the subsequent access to power and wealth he or she may ultimately wield! The cravings, for both of which, are as compelling - to people of a certain nature - as crack or heroin is to a common and drug crazed junkie. Thus, a politician will do almost anything to obtain and protect his/her position of power! Sadly, our history is replete with numerous examples of them going way too far - in that most personal endeavor.

Politicians must watch the political polls constantly and closely, as they: pass uncertain legislation, write the various laws, and form new governmental policies - many of which are: beneficial to their own personal interests, or those of their friends, allies, and political supporters! Hence, the "Pol" in "Pol-itician" was derived from this highly-necessary "Pol-itical" activity.

If something is too offensive to their own constituency, they will usually back off of the issue... choosing instead to either: work through the agencies of those who owe them political favors, or to wait for a more fortuitous opportunity in time! However, since only one-third of Congress can be replaced in any given election, many others will gladly step up to the political plate. Meanwhile, when outcomes are of little consequence - to their own, more personal, ambitions - they'll gladly throw a bone to the voters. After all, everyone there has to be re-elected!

A Statesman, however, is usually forced or compelled to the front! They have been unknowingly groomed through their own circumstances and societal events - for one certain day, or a set of problems, which fully require their unique knowledge, abilities, or skills. Those circumstances, when combined with their deep and long held beliefs, [virtually] propel them into political power. Their focus remains on those societal needs of their day, and the polls are irrelevant to them!

They will do what they must, and place a much higher emphasis on getting it right the very first time, for they are uncomfortable in a position of political authority and power! After all, they never sought out the position, but rather, an imperiling vacuum of good leadership selectively chose them. As historians will often write, "Just the right candidate, at just the right time... it's, almost, as if the hand of providence...." This is the mark of a True Statesman!

The Politicians strength lies in the sheer number of his political contemporaries! He can work in the background, behind quietly closed doors, forming personally beneficial agreements - where he may share the responsibility for his own sins - by taking turns on key votes to forward a common and mutually beneficial agenda. For, he knows, that too many bad votes - will take away his highly coveted political power! Yet, as the scriptures relate, "Time heals all wounds..." thus, he views Time as his very best of friends. The public is fickle and will either: change, or forget his past failings.

Meanwhile, the strength of a Statesman, lies in the singularity of his political voice! It carries the True Conviction of his: Wisdom, Knowledge, and Beliefs - deeply held, over the course of a lifetime. His integrity is assured to a public which has witnessed his consistent testimony - over long expanses of time. Even as the polls come crashing down, and many there are that desert him, he remains immovable. Yet, he is a visionary - looking past our current afflictions - with his eyes locked onto the prize, that fully awaits! History and Human Nature are his best friends. For people - being what they are - continue to repeat the very same mistakes, from past lessons [being yet] unlearned.

Today, we are in need of some True Statesmen... men of: Wisdom, Understanding, and Moral Authority... and, Visionaries, imbued with the power of [their own] sound political convictions! We stand at a Key and Pivotal crossroads for: Our States, Our Nation, and Our World! Somewhere, out there, are the men for the job... and I hope that we find them very soon!

The Tea Party could provide this new leadership, but it must come first - to a very difficult political decision! Can it [truly] break itself away - from the failed political paradigms of our past? Can it go it alone, if expedient and necessary? For, until it does, they may truly represent - only a mere howling, or sighing, of the political wind! They must distance themselves from The Traditional Republicans, as far as East from West... for Americans can unite against All Forms Of Fascism... but they'll never choose yours, over theirs!

Although many ordinary Democrats fully detest what we have effectively become - over time - they will not support the more abusive Corporate Model, over the Social One... which attempts to mitigate the damage - upon those least capable of self-sufficiency! Nor, do I [myself] blame them... for, it is Fascism itself, that is so socially destructive... not, the type of Fascism, effectively in play. When you are ready to rally around Capitalism and Freedom, then we'll all talk!

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