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Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Fascism Is Repression And Corporatism

The "Two Heads, Two Sides, Two Faces, or Two Paradigms" of modern Fascism are synonymous with Repression, Social Collectivism, and Corporatism. Neither of which, has consistently or solely cornered the market on spreading such, "Inherently Evil Concepts," amongst us! Oh yes, friends, the double edged Sword Of Truth cuts both ways.... Republicans and Democrats [alike] are both remarkably Evil parties... or, should I say, The Democratic-Republican Party is - "One, Inherently Evil, and seemingly complex Juggernaut?"

In all honesty, The Democrat side of the equation is far more transparent... requires only a minimal amount of penetrating thought... and can be readily observed due to all of its glaringly obvious excesses! The simple rules of "Moral Right and Ethical Wrong" possessed by a mere child can clearly spot it. For example: "Daddy, how come, if taking someone else's stuff is wrong - our government does it, every day?" Who hasn't, quite truthfully, heard that one? Our kids know... because we have taught them! Remember, all of those times, when we spanked them for bullying and/or taking another child's stuff.... Sure.

And yet, The Democratic Paradigm goes far far deeper than that... and certain bone jarring questions can readily reveal that, as well! For instance:
  • Why are "The Richest One Percent of Americans" almost exclusively Democrats?
  • If that "More-Patriotic and Individually-Thoughtful Group of Americans" wants to pay more taxes, then why don't they just do it [themselves] voluntarily?
  • What is "Really In It" for them?
These are [all] very interesting questions... which nobody [ever] seems to ask! Why Not? What is the [mere] harm - in utilizing your brain? Sure, it may make you mentally tired... every muscle - in your body - requires some effort... uses up some energy... and expends some of our human physical reserves. But, we aren't afraid to walk, work, or even play - and at times, often quite hard! Or, is it the answers, that we're [honestly] afraid of... because, deep down, we already know them... and those answers condemn us - for, who and/or what, "We [Ourselves] Are?"

 The Richest One Percent Of Americans and their Gargantuan Corporations are predominantly found in the "Retail or Service Industry Sectors..." they employ tens of millions of very low paid employees... and they are unanimously against "Paying Their Workers A True Living Wage!" Sounds crazy, doesn't it? If they're the ones calling for: Governmental Housing, Welfare, Food Stamps, and Social Security - then why plead our government for these programs - at public and taxable expense? Another Fine Question!

Who pays those taxes? Remember, they don't just voluntarily pay them on their own.... No Sir, they expect us all to do our part! Thus, "We The People" subsidize their cheap labor - at our own individual expense. More importantly, however, they have managed to create thousands of pages of loopholes in our laws - over the years... which effectively lowers their rate of taxation - far below that of ours. Meanwhile, the far smaller sums - which have thoroughly escaped those political "paring knives" - are just passed on to the consumer, in their prices. I suspect, that, "Virtually Free Labor" is a concept - which we can all understand!

Under The Very Same Light, let's examine those [dastardly] Republicans.... Since, the beginning of time [it seems] they have always, "talked the straight talk;" even if, not always, "walking the straight walk!" After all, their words are so pleasing in public....

While, espousing such bold and conservative propositions in public, they quickly cave-in to: higher taxation, heavier corporate regulation, and direct governmental interference or involvement! Why does, "The Next Richest Fifteen Percent," then continue to: fund, campaign for, and support them? Amazingly enough, those "Heavily Industrialized Bastards" wouldn't support a "Real Conservative" - if it [honestly] cost them a nickel! But Why? Seems a bit strange, to "The Thinking Man..." I'm just saying....

Could those Republicans be offering some special [or sweetheart] deal as well? You Know It! Heavy Levels Of Taxation, Strangling Corporate Regulation, and Direct Governmental Interference or Involvement: make it excessively difficult for: newer, highly innovative, and more competitive individuals and companies to enter the marketplace. Thus, furnishing "A True Governmental Wall Of Protection" to the "Older Money American Families..." and holding back an ever more competitive and upwardly mobile "Upper Middle Class!"

Taken one step further, such: manipulative, punitive, and [honestly] abusive tax rates - once combined with Tax Breaks, that only kick in at a very large scale - further weed out such alarming competition. Of course, the already existing Corporate and Industrial Structures are glad to buy out your [then floundering] idea! After all, they're always looking for ways to [honestly] make more money... and Thank God, for them!

Meanwhile, while "The Richest Sixteen Percent" claim to pay the majority of all the taxes - and can [in fact] produce the very receipts to prove it  - all of that money was derived by their passed through and personally devised "Corporate Sales Tax..." those on "The Very Bottom" think, that they are their political friends and allies... and "The Middle Class" suffers all of the punitive damages from both sides! Not a bad deal, for them, really....

Consequently, there really is no difference between them, after all. Fascists are Fascists - whether they define themselves as "Socially Conscientious," or otherwise! Both of them are: Repressive, Collectivistic, and Corporatist - in their overall nature... Both of them, are: Un-American, Un-Godly, and Un-Wise... Both of them, are: Conniving, Manipulative, and Abusive... and both of them, are destined "For Hell!"

As P.T. Barnum always said, "A Sucker is born every minute...." Consequently, many of you are still hung up on The Republicans. Get over it, already! How many times, must one be knifed in the back - before getting it? They don't represent you... they never have... and they never will! They represent one very powerful segment of thoroughly intertwined Corporate Fascism. The faces behind the mask are different, but the mask is still there - for the very same intentions and/or reasons!

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