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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Equality [In Fact] Under The Law

Every American knows, that there is equality [in fact] - under The Law of Our Land; so why does the law continue to factually deny it?
  • Quote: "In view of The Constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful." - John Marshall Harlan.

If a person born into the United States becomes A United States Citizen - upon turning eighteen - with "All Rights and/or Privileges Thereunto..." and if, "No State may abridge the Rights and/or Privileges of any citizen of these United States..." and if, "Discrimination by age is both Constitutionally and Statutorily illegal," then by what lawful dispensation are those citizens between 18 and 21 being deprived a whole host of their Rights and Privileges - under the various Federal and State laws?

Bear in mind, that this article isn't solely about drinking.... In fact, there are highly numerous and even more serious violations of these citizen's Rights and Privileges... and yet, if there was only one minor violation, then such instances would be most worthy of vociferous political notice, or loudly and hotly contested debate! For, that which can be unlawfully taken from one, can more readily be taken from all - by those very same political leaders.

For generations, we as Americans have failed to live up to our enlightened ancestors godly ideals and glorious promises for all! Even until our most recent history, we have allowed these wonderful and magnanimous ideas of true equality and inclusive brotherhood to be tarnished through our: ignorance, fear, and stereotype. Many Americans have been denied their True Rights and Privileges, whether expressed or implied, by a subtle tyranny of the majority - operating willingly outside the proper boundaries of our laws... and the arguments are always the same. That particular class [or group] is: too scatterbrained, too ignorant, too dumb, or too irresponsible to properly utilize and appreciate such Rights and Privileges! So it was said of: Women, Black Americans, and many many others... and, so it continues to be....

Meanwhile, there is one particular class [or grouping] of Americans - which is rarely thought of, or even considered. That is unless we are desirous of making their restrictions even tighter, or perhaps, sending them off to fight in our never ending cycles of undeclared war. Yes, friends, we allow them to stand upon our own threshold - to keep the rabble-rousers out - but we bar them from entering their own politically guaranteed  doors! They have been charged with protecting the foyer, while being deprived of entering [or, in anywise, enjoying] the Ball.

However, while the guests are merrily dancing - having forgotten those left out in the hall - and a prowler is seen through the window, for whose assistance do we call? Suddenly, those who are: too scatterbrained, too ignorant, too dumb, and too irresponsible - to offer any viable benefit to the whole - have miraculously become, "America's Best And Brightest," and/or, "Our Last Great Hope!" Is this a proper behavior, for a just and righteous people... and if not, precisely, who are we? For, as the scriptures relate, "Even the wicked do [or offer] good things toward their own children!"

There is no lawful basis for such readily-apparent discriminations... nor, is there even a verifiable database of statistics to bolster such patently illegal arguments. As always, there is: fear, ignorance, and stereotype - found at the heart of it! Let us honestly evaluate the facts....

While law enforcement officers must be 21 [or above], hundreds of thousands of extremely well armed teenagers are systematically performing even more difficult policing functions in: Iraq, and Afghanistan - quite honorably, I might add! While truck drivers must meet the same requirements, those same teenagers in uniform operate the very same equipment over there... and, yes, even on our roads over here. Amazingly, they not only do it - but they, continually, do it quite well - and have done so over many many years [in peacetime and war]!

Undoubtedly age is an indicator of maturity and wisdom, but it certainly isn't often a very good one! Look at the age of our average elected political leaders - when compared to the job they have done and continue to perpetuate over their time in elective office... I am, personally, quite certain that the average teenage American soldier couldn't have done effectively worse - had they been entitled [or encouraged] to actually try!

If any class of Americans have been unfairly relegated to being treated as "Second Class Citizens," then it has been those that fall between 18 and 21 years of age! Not only have their Rights and Privileges been wrongly treated, as a minor or common thing, but they have actually been eroded over the natural course of time. First, it was the States, who trampled upon many of their Individual Freedoms and Rights. Then came the edict, as it were, given from up on high: "Do what we say or the rain of Federal Funding will no longer darken, or freshen your lovely State sky!"

Blackmail is the methodology of A Tyrant! When his argument will no longer suffice, his nature reveals the bully underneath, through his employment of such an Evil device. Of course, such impositions shouldn't truly surprise us coming as it were from the same political system equally practicing: secrecy, racketeering, extortion, and socio-economic slavery upon its own citizens... for, these are all Evil devices, and indicative of the character traits of a Tyrant! Are they not? Honestly?

If a man is eighteen years of age, how can we equally say: "Lay down your life for your country - for it is a price we all must pay, to protect our Rights and Privileges," and, "Come back when you're older kid?" If a man can carry a rifle in battle, smash a tank through our international neighbor's house, fly a bomber over one of our cities, or even sit in a nuclear silo - having been given access to both the button and the keys - how then, is he too immature to make far less important decisions? Aren't we [ourselves] being a little: too scatterbrained, ignorant, stupid, and dumb - in furthering such claims... and isn't that the very definition of irresponsibility, when it comes to protecting our own Societal Freedoms and Rights?

Of course, we'll never admit it... just as we'll never admit any of our other more numerous political mistakes - until the troops begin kicking in our doors! Perhaps, not even then.... What a sad nation we have finally become... "Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave," my hindquarters!

When Politics comes between real people and their wholly necessary individual or corporate actions, we have become slaves to our politics and the leaders which so effectively manipulate us! Here are only a few examples: Correctness or Political Correctness, Reality or Political Reality, Survival or Political Survival, Values or Political Values, ad infinitum.... These are, all, entirely different terms!

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