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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Importance Of Religious Perspective

The Traditional American Worldview has [always] been comprised of the three co-existent and co-equal philosophical threads of: History, Religion, and Politics! That is because; each of these highly relevant societal threads offers a unique depth of insight into, and perspective upon, the moral and ethical choices we face as an active, vibrant, and dynamic society - at large.

Most of us [modern Americans], understand the blatant relevance of Politics in a world where: numerous competing interests, vigorous debates, and highly essential compromises are a societal-given. Many of us [well-educated Americans], can perceive the importance of History where our own personal experiences have given us an important insight into its readily apparent value - in general. However, very few of us [thoroughly-jaded Americans] may even speculate upon their seemingly unwise attachment to Religion as a relevant societal underpinning! Why would they incorporate such [seemingly-backward] concepts into their ongoing and forward looking societal equations? Why, indeed?

First of all, everyone on Earth [whether they’ll admit it or not]: believes in, internally incorporates, and formulates their decisions upon Religion. How can I possibly, and honestly, say this… you ask? Well, I’ll tell you…. Religion is a form of Philosophical Investigation, Speculation, and Certainty - which all men inherently possess. Don’t let Atheists fool you; “Darwinism” is just such a system! It is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy for them to say that, they neither: Investigated the world around them, Speculated upon its various [hidden] meanings, and [finally] arrived at a Certain Conclusion – which they will gladly share with [or, proselytize to] others!

That being said, if Religion is [in fact] an inherently human: inspirational, motivational, and situationally evaluative tool; then Societal Politics cannot possibly exist apart from its effects - one way, or the other. Think about it! The only way to fully exclude religion from the political process is to eliminate all of the people…. However, if you feel as I do [that people are the main focus of our necessary human politics], then Religion is here to stay!

The question, therefore, isn’t whether Religion should be included as a situationally relevant factor; but how do we handle such a potentially dangerous concept in the most inherently beneficial way possible! In the real world, every government faces this choice. What do we [officially] do about Religion? We may formally acknowledge one, over all others… while, either: tolerating, persecuting, or suppressing the individual beliefs - which ultimately inspire them. We may officially refute or suppress them all in the favor of cultural Darwinism – thereby, installing Darwinism as the de facto Religion of The State. But, we cannot ignore them!

Meanwhile, the thirteen American States - which would eventually comprise our Union – already held their own personal perspectives upon this far-reaching societal issue. Rhode Island was a “Religiously Neutral Judeo-Christian Theocracy,” Virginia was a decidedly “Christian State With Constitutional Neutrality,” and virtually all others were “Denominational Theocracies” of one specific Christian variety or another. Therefore, any political stance undertaken by our [then nascent] Union represented a potential calamity for someone. Thus, a great deal of thought was necessarily focused upon this subject!

The only possibly peaceable result lay in the area of obtaining, common: logical, philosophical, and spiritual agreement among respective political equals. Therefore, aside from all matters of purely doctrinal differences, what can we all agree upon? We all [factually] exist… some overriding authority, all-powerful being, and/or creative power designed us… and that inherent physical design is indicative of our intended purpose in factual existence!

With this, as their highly logical starting point, our very enlightened ancestors determined that - whomever this authority, being, or power might be – the key to this all-important question lay in the area of our common human physiological design… the intentions of every creator being [fully and obviously] implied by the common functionality of his intended creation! It may be helpful to think of all humans as mere biological machines of structurally genetic construction… and examine them in this way.

The human machine possesses five sensory inputs… a central processing unit with two CPUs, an expansive memory storage, and a bios chip [with necessary basic instructions] for back ground tasks – such as lung, heart, and circulatory functions… mechanisms for necessary refueling, locomotion, and physical manipulations… and even external outputs for much-needed communication among other stand alone units. All of these structurally designed human attributes may give us insight into the proper intentions of our Common Creator! Even, if who it was must still remain a mystery, for now.

It then follows [quite logically] that, by basing our laws upon these commonly shared physical attributes, The Creator would be pleased; The Machines would be much happier, more content, and individually productive; and Their Overall Society would economically, financially, and politically prosper – without undue hindrances to their personally needful [and collectively beneficial] activities. Of course, they didn’t use [or even think] in these more modern specified terms… but they arrived at the very same conclusion!

Which brings me to a very important point regarding the human machine. It was devised in such a way as offering redundant logical, philosophical, and [yes] even spiritual capabilities to arrive at the very same internal [personal] or external [societal] conclusions! Our personal and collective abilities at Inherent Human Intuition are the result of these three co-equal and co-existent factors regulating our thought processes in real time. That Intuition is the substantial [but incalculable] uneasiness, which we feel - when one of these inherent sensibilities are being thusly violated in some way.

For example, when we disregard our own past experiences otherwise or our leaders ignore the lessons of our all too common history, everyone of us becomes uneasy! Why? Because we know that something bad will happen, it always inevitably does. Right? And, when we foolishly do something against our own spiritual belief structures - of fundamentally inherent right and wrong -  we just know that the same result will be eventually had. It doesn't matter whether we call it Religious Belief, Inherent Intuition, or Universal Karma... the Truth is that we rightly fear its longer term consequences!

True Spirituality isn't America's [or anyone else's] mortal enemy. Nor, is it a malfunction found only in certain dysfunctional individuals. It is one of the most inherent and normal functionings of the wonderfully Created Human Machine! The malfunction respective to Man's Common Aspect of Religion are in the area of Human [Pyschotic] Zealotry, which seeks to impose an artificial [and patently unwise] societal order upon what is an individually specific functioning! There is a reason that "The Creator" placed your own brain inside the hardest bone of your body. It was done, that way, because of its relative importance above all other human functions!

The Importance Of Religious Perspective to individual Ameicans is that: no matter how industrious, productive, and entertaining our lives may become we don't forget about our very certain effects upon others; or, our obligation to that which is greater than ourselves. Simply put... socially responsible action, good wizened politics, and exceptional economics are inextricably linked by the Universal Laws - which they fully represent… it is the simple failure of man to even notice it, without Our Creator [God] first pointing the way!

In light of this fact, I must [honestly] say it again. The Truth bears accurate repeating. The Fabric Of Our Society is woven from three separate, but equally necessary, threads of human origin, function, and design… their names are: History, Religion, and Politics… one for perspective… one for humility… and one for practicality. That is the meaning of Societal Cloth! However, as "Real Americans," you should already know that. Our ancestor’s embracing of Godly Theocracy was brilliant… designing it inherently and religiously neutral lent it stability that was resilient… and had we been - like our ancestors - responsible Christians and Jews, it would still [even this day] be both vibrant and exhilarant!

Jesus framed his wisdom into Parables, for a reason: 'to make the simple man wise, while disguising his truth from the foolish inspection of wisemen,' but then [of course] he was perfect… I frame my arguments with appeals to Spiritual Lessons, Logical Examples, and Philosophical Allusions – but, then, I’m just another sinner - like you. Shabbat Shalom [Happy Sabbath] my brothers!

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