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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Market Governance

"Those who fail to learn from the experiences of history are destined to repeat the mistakes of it!"

A little over 200 years ago, our enlightened ancestors - The Founding Fathers - devised a system of governance, which was fundamentally different from any other devised by man; either before, or since. "The Great Experiment," as Lincoln later referred to it, was a beneficial Union of Interdependent and Sovereign American States. It was designed in such a way as to: "Protect the general welfare [i.e.. protect individual freedoms]," "Ensure the domestic tranquility [i.e.. ensure political and societal stability]," and promote the concept of Free Market Government!

Free Market Government is not only a uniquely American concept, it is [also] the greatest single concept ever devised by man! Its practical application: ensured the maximization of Personal Freedom to its individual citizens [while providing a much-needed common political and societal framework to operate under] , spurred valuable innovation in the area of governmental services [while inspiring necessary economy and efficiency in government], and elevated respect for the due process of law [while providing a peaceable and beneficial mechanism of escape from oppressive regulations and/or restrictions on the part of individual governments]. All the individual citizen need merely do is to take up his things and simply walk away! In an ever evolving diversity of Individually Sovereign States, there would always be others more to his liking somewhere... and if not, then he [along with the numerous others, so politically inclined] could start his own - more to his own liking.

Although, usually, only mentioned in passing by many historians, this was one of the greatest of the fundamental [and underlying] causes behind America's rapid developmental success and her eventual socio-political greatness! The reason that so many of our historians have failed to take relevant note of this readily-apparent socio-political dynamic is that, our enlightened ancestors never consciously [or fully] envisioned what a "Free Market of Interdependent States" might accomplish while working together... nor, could they extrapolate its effects from a historical standpoint.

The only relevant historical example [that of Ancient Israel, prior to its adoption of a king] was lost to obscurity; and biblical references to it were inadequate to truly properly gauge its effectiveness in a modern world function. Consequently, with much riding upon its apparent successes or failures, our very astute ancestors, didn't much harp upon [or brag about] this relatively unknown political factor! Rather, they spoke boldly about other [ more well-understood] societal factors involved in our society's creation.

Instead, this "Union of Free Market States," was the result of certain inescapable and highly relevant political factors unique to their history, culture, and time. The highest ranking of which were: the pre-existence of 13 Sovereign and Autonymous Political States [with veto power over any action on their part, politically], the desire of all Americans toward locally effected societal governance, and a well-read political pamphlet [published over ten years before]. To the utter surprise of The Federalists, any proposed system of governance - which might attempt to ride roughshod over these relevant societal dynamics - was doomed from the start! Consequently, the need to establish a properly functioning system [within these effective constraints] drove The Constitutional Debate.

At the conclusion of the debate, however, most of them finally understood the political ramifications of what they had ultimately created. It both exhillarated and scared them with its potentials for societal good and political ill... it was an entirely new political creation - which would either: build the greatest society on Earth, or fly apart at the very first chance of undue societal pressures! The words of Benjamin Franklin summed up the thoughts of many, when he said: "It's a Republic, if we can keep it!"

The moral imperatives, philosophical underpinnings, and logical extrapolations for its eventually beneficial success were indisputable... but such a system could [just as easily] collapse under the weight of rampant societal immorality, irrationally reasoned political changes, and emotionally-driven societal manipulations! Thus, a very complicated system of political and societal Checks and Balances were necessarily instituted to impede or prevent such an occurrence from ever actually happening.

The fundamental dynamics of Free Market Governance - being based upon the free flow of individual citizens, their wealth, their properties, and their ideals - says that: "the inherent and unrestricted movement of individual citizens [to a political climate of their own choosing] will promote a peaceable competition among the various sovereign States to obtain certain political advantage reliant upon these political factors." Simply put: the States with the most citizens, wealth, property, and competitive ideals will benefit at a large expense to all others; and the natural outgrowth of such a political competition for these inherently human factors will drive the ongoing political agendas of the various States... thus, from an overall societal standpoint, improve every socially relevant factor [strongly] in the favor of its most greatful citizens!

In fact, it worked quite well, Indeed... so well, that new people were [factually] willing to spend every solitary penny, jump every political hurdle imposed by other nations, and even die in order to get here - as quickly as possible! Although the great exodus of the Old World began in the Europe of our Common Ancestors, it spread like wildfire to every corner of the globe... and along with these new Americans came the useful knowledge, vibrant energy, and much-needed skills which drove our economy to ecclipse every other nation's progress in a few scant generations. Textile workers, ship builders, and iron workers from England built industries here that soon dominated all other nations in these areas... vintners, bakers, and cheesemakers from France, Denmark, and Switzerland made America a nation of food exporters... and American prowess grew daily in every coveted, protected, and closely-guarded industry of our frustrated international competitors!

Today, few Americans realize that concepts such as public education, child labor laws, and the various park services were first devised by the various States - long before our Union was ever centralized by an over-reaching Federal Authority. These things occurred in vicious competition over our presence, personal wealth, and human resources; without any federal involvement, governmental direction and oversight, or legislative political manipulations of our common taxation and federally wielded State subsidation. In fact, the federal government [as such] was proscribed from direct taxation of the public, or even giving money to the States in anyway other than short term emergency loans requiring expedient repayment!

Most of our current societal ills couldn't have ever [conceivably] occurred, if our Nation of Sovereign States were still [factually] in existence, as such! The rate of taxation could never have grown so abusive to our overall economy without Direct Federal Taxation, Direct Federal Subsidation of States and Individual Citizens, or the legal [and financial] means for Direct State and Societal Manipulations. However, "We The People" have ignorantly given them those abusive powers, through: our ongoing failure to readily-accept the relative consequences of our own personal action, the unwarranted [and utterly paranoid] suspicion we hold regarding the motivation of our neighbors, and the irresponsibilty [which we display] in apathetically allowing this situation to truly continue!

Prior to the year 1860, the role of the Union was that of Protector, Advocate, and Arbitrator  - between the various parties of the greatest social contract ever devised by man. Independent of the various States, it was charged with this one benevolent function, and actually did it quite well! When was the last time you heard of Our Nation of States doing anything well?

Yet with revenues, which were generated only by tariffs on imported goods, the government ran a budgetary surplus almost every year of its existence. Something, I might add, which it has failed to do almost ever since... despite ever increasing and more burdensome taxes... and the ever-increasing micro-management of the various States and their respective Citizens! Nor, have the politically promised benefits of: Lincoln's empire building "Federal Republic," The Populist's claim to "Making Democracy More Democratic," Roosevelt's envisioned "New Deal," or [even] Johnson's "Great Society" physically come to pass! Instead, we exist in a modern European Style Nation, upon the verge of political, societal, and economic collapse - without the long-necessary spiritual framework to readily recover and rebuild it when it eventually falls.

History has shown that centralization of political power under a super Federalized State has not been the solution to any our problems. In fact, to the contrary, it has been the root cause of most of the severe problems we currently face today! In a "Free Market" governmental system programs such as: Social Security, Food Stamps, Welfare, and others can be easily solved by the various States, which are in competition for our affection... Under such a system, States are free to make adjustments to their own laws to retain good jobs at American Companies, that have no incentives to flee our shores... In such a system, every citizen can effectively find a place which they may call home!

Although many may be [patently] unaware of it, this is the genesis of the - as yet - still nascent American "Tea Party" Movement. A larger and larger share of Real Americans are actively vocalizing their readily-apparent distress at our rapidly-approaching societal calamity! Nor, have they [yet] effectively found their commonly-agreed-to political voice in the public arena of ideals... due to a paucity of functionally relevant political choices across our once glorious land. However, that voice is speaking both loudly and clearly... and as they are inevitably quieting and beginning to actively listen... the ramifications to the Democratic and Republican parties - both firmly rooted in Fascism [of one type, or the other] will readily become more clear!

The wisest [or cleverest] among the Republicans are quickly tapping into this political fervor in order to bolster their short term political gains, attempt to steer its energies into their own personally beneficial directions, and channel off a very real perceived threat to their potential political electorate. However, this movement will not long be fooled by such persons who represent bandaids upon a hemorrhaging and swiftly dying victim... and the majority of both Democrats and Republicans [alike] are either: certifiably ignorant of what is coming, afraid to conceptually acknowledge its ramifications for our society in general, or foolishly believe that their firmly entrenched political power is impossible to overcome! Meanwhile, history is replete with thousands of equally assured politically controlling, manipulative. and arrogant leaders - being [eqully] surprised by their own history making and timely events.

In the minds of many today, the immortalized words of: "The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" no longer seem to impassion the heart, inspire the mind, and embolden the spirit of our citizenry - as they once did... and is it any wonder that in a society, which dictates every aspect of its people's lives, the word Freedom holds little or no relevant meaning to its well-regulated populace? However, in the minds of Real Americans, these words are the clarion call to a much-needed societal rebirth of "The Greastest Society Ever Devised!"

The solution to The Post-Modern Slave State is Free Market Governance, and our thoroughly enlightened ancestors amply showed the way to achieve it... over two hundred years of societal experimentation has absolutely proven it... and our experiential societal Freedom ultimately cries out for it, in protest! The wisdom of our fathers has [factually] stood the test of time....

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