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Friday, February 26, 2010

Do Third Parties Steal Votes....

The very question: “Do third party candidates "steal" votes from the other two parties,” is an extremely arrogant one on the part of the [majority] political parties. The “stealing” of anything, absolutely requires the offended party to actually possess a valid claim to some sort of “ownership!” In a society of Freemen, such a claim cannot even be proven over other members of the same ideological party… and if it could, we wouldn’t have any necessity for political primaries, at all.

What the arrogant, pompous, and elitist, career politicians forget is that: “every valid claim to ownership requires an honest physical effort on the part of someone to honestly ‘earn’ it!” As much as I might want the house down the street, I cannot fault the Realtor for selling it to someone willing to pay the going the price, rather than [merely] handing it over to me; for free. Meanwhile, the same natural laws are honestly displayed in situational politics by the voting electorate. When a candidate’s character is judged deficient [by his peers], his political platform is way less than desired [by most], and/or his past political record has been derided [as an ongoing political failure], he hasn’t earned anything in the eyes of the electorate.

If a jury pool of twelve individuals can reasonably decide what’s right in cases of “life and death,” then an electorate [consisting of millions] can properly interpret our political laws! If the elitist Ruling Class doesn’t like it, then who cares… as an intelligent individual voter and [naturally born] American citizen, I simply don’t care!

Which brings up a very interesting political point: for the first time in numerous generations, our voting electorate is now displaying some political backbone… asking significant and telling questions and putting pressure on our leaders to effect “Real Political Change.” Nor, is this the kind of change that President Obama actually represents! To continually print more money, in an effort to facilitate a further socialization of America, isn’t their idea of true [or even beneficial] change.

They are tired of the Political Slogans, Propoganda, and Outright Unabashed Lies - coming from both sides of the political equation! After sitting quietly on the sidelines of the American electoral process [in justly apathetic disgust], they have clearly had enough of this political abuse and socially controlling manipulation. After sleeping for numerous generations, they have awoken to “The Truth About America,” and it’s stunning!

It may have taken an Economic Meltdown to do it, but - at least - it finally happened! The American “Tea Party Movement” is the fastest growing political force in America today; and with very good cause. Our [less than representative] leadership has failed to listen to numerous societal, financial, and economic problems for many long years… and they created a debt far greater than four generations of Americans could ever hope to repay. If creating an Annual Budget is their only mandatorily-required political function, then why do they continue to concern themselves, with everything - but…. Where then, is their claim to have earned anything – or, for that matter, their paychecks?

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  1. A couple of points: I believe your focus digresses away from that of third party candidates stealing votes and degenerates into an anti Obama rant and rallying cry for the tea party movement. I see this as going off-topic.

    I agree that average Americans are dissatisfied with the functionality of the two political parties but I believe your real estate analogy is off mark. A more accurate analogy would be other people making offers that will never qualify for a loan to come up with the asking price much in the same way some independent candidates will never come up with even 10% of the vote in a general election. This is not to say independent candidates should not run if they do have significant support. Those people who are fanatical that their party just has to win in elections where the split is usually only by a margin of 5 percent or so naturally place the blame on the candidate they believe "stole" their candidate's 5% they needed to win. They are sore losers unwilling to acknowledge that their candidate did not appeal to enough voters and that is why they lost. There will always be people who view things like that regardless of what party they do or do not belong to.


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