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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is America A Religious Theocracy

Is the United States of America a Religious Theocracy ? Of course, it is… Any nation, state, or political union in which all final and objective legal authority is fully invested in the hands of its Creator/God is a Religious Theocracy! Moreover, any political entity, which openly expresses its desire for, actively seeks out, and publicly lays claim to the Covenant Blessings and Curses of God is A Spiritually Covenanted Nation Of People. The fact that America was devised, and conceived, as a non-denominationally specific one does not in any way mitigate, modify, or abrogate: its theocratic underpinnings, its ongoing societal obligations, or its politically covenanted status.

Instead, America’s inceptive non-denominational Judeo-Christian status is a factual testament to the very real validity of America’s true politically covenanted status. Were America [merely] a nation of imposters, laying claim to an inheritance not rightfully our own, then such spiritual discerned enlightenment would never have been so properly valued, so rightly obtained, or so thoroughly protected over and above the statutes of our own humanly devised law. Meanwhile, our Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and U.S. Constitution all stand as testimonials to: “The Supremacy of Our Common Creator Over and Above All American Law!”

Although many nation-states, throughout the course of history, have been tolerant of certain religious beliefs, understandings, and practices; until our own recent time, they have been few and scattered! Nor, have those nations been able to effectively restrain themselves from the establishment of their own official systems of belief over and above all others. That is because any, and/or all, religious protections being lawfully adopted by them are: officially sanctioned by the state, subject to the ebb and flow of the political tides, and under the minimalist protection of an ever-changing political electorate.

The problem with “Protection Under The Law” is [precisely] that… It Is Under The Law…. That which is Under The Law is wholly, entirely, and completely subject to it! When the law changes, then those who have ignorantly relied upon its supposed stability, one day, may be: openly discriminated against, aggressively persecuted, or [even] hunted as criminals, the next. The craziest part is that all of this can and does occur merely over matters of personalized conscience and individual belief! Ironically, The State has everything to lose and absolutely nothing to substantially gain by doing so!

To this day, The United States stands alone as the only Non-Denominationally Specific Judeo-Christian Theocracy in our common [New Testament] era… and only the second such theological state, since Earth’s earliest recorded history! Yet, this is in no part due to a greater amount of religious zealotry on the part of the average American… but, rather, to God’s own personal involvement in the affairs of a spiritually minded people who actively sought His Wisdom, Understanding, and Enlightenment in a time of great political stress and societal upheaval!

If anything, it was the religious zealotry of Europe that drove us by the millions to America’s undeveloped shores… it was the religious zealotry of the Colonial Powers that strengthened and sharpened our faith… and it was the religious zealotry even among many of our own political leaders that, conditioned our political resolve to establish, “A Religiously Neutral State .” However, no such possible entity can possibly exist without a faithful and inspired appeal to an authority greater than that of our own human laws! It is, perhaps, the greatest irony in all of human history that: “True Religious Freedom” cannot be humanly achieved without the lawful acknowledgement of Man’s sole Creator!

Our Judeo-Christian God [Creator of all of humanity], knowingly and with purpose and benevolent intent placed two spiritually significant trees in the garden; prior to the creation of man… to signify, clarify, and reveal His loving intentions toward us by our most precious God-given gift of all: The Freedom To Exercise Our Own Personal And Individual Will! However, in order to fully appreciate and understand this spiritually discernable concept, we must first stop attempting to enforce God’s will on others, long enough to actually and honestly understand it…. This is what is meant by the scriptural references and injunctions to: “The Peace That Passes All Understanding,” and “Entering Into His [Spiritual Enlightened] Rest.”

Contrary to the Darwinian, Secularist, or Humanist Perspectives of most historians, religious zealotry has never been the sign of a true Judeo-Christian Theocracy. Rather, it is the outward sign of a spiritually bankrupt and unenlightened humanity, attempting to unjustly enforce its own edicts, devised through its own depravity, upon numerous other individuals… and to force the incorporated and internalized beliefs of our own clever devising upon another human being, objectively against his will, is analogous to our continually ramming a square peg into another shaped hole… it is the illogical outward sign of a deeply seated form of psychological madness… and it, simply, doesn’t work! More Importantly, we have ultimately and systematically exhibited, shown, and/or taught numerous others contempt, disrespect, and hatred toward: ourselves, our message, and our God! These are neither: Judeo-Christian teachings, nor their effectual results.

In point of fact, The true religious zealot is not [in any way] significantly closer to The Judeo-Christian God than the Darwinist, Secularist, Humanist, or even a practicing Pagan! Their actual spiritual condition is merely the same as any number of other clouded, befuddled, and/or confused minds. They are ever staring at their own numerous and uninspired pieces of the puzzle, which define their own philosophical structure, and attempting to force them into some semblance of physical order… while lacking the humility, self-control, and understanding to seek out those spiritually discernable connections; and allowing God to assemble them in the proper alignment!

However, as a Judeo-Christian Theocracy, America is bound by the constraints of her own politically covenanted relationship. Remember those Blessings and Curses mentioned so frequently in The Sacred Scriptures ? According to God, His Blessings and Curses are inseparable, inviolate, and equally binding on all generations of those which are bound party to such a specially covenanted spiritual relationship. The Blessings are the reward for ongoing spiritual progress, while The Curses are the vital and necessary chastisement and/or inducement to return to, or to continue along in, our spiritual growth. By asking for, seeking out, and laying claims to: “The Ample Blessings of Almighty God,” we have become equally subject to His chastisement as well!

So, what, in practical and laymen’s terms does this mean? It means that the spiritually discerned enlightenment of our ancestors manifested itself in the numerous God-Given Blessings, which our nation received in its more glorious past; while the current failing of our own desire to ask for, seek out, or obtain such spiritual discernment is resulting in the Equally God-Given Curses, which our nation is receiving today! The financial collapse of our economy, the destruction of our American families, and our other systemic problems [far too numerous to name] are the direct result of our shameless spiritual condition.

Many secular historians will unequivocally state that the numerous mistakes and failings of our nation’s past failed to call down such God-Given Chastisement… that Our Numerous Blessings have long been uninterrupted, since they are based squarely upon the shoulders of shrewd human acumen and the forces of simple economics. And yet, The Civil War [our greatest societal conflict], numerous economic depressions, and various other societal calamities have resulted over that time… and all of them were due to our failure in asking for, seeking out, and grabbing hold of the proper societal, and spiritually discernable, choices necessary to that particular time and its respective situations!

They will also claim that our past generations were not particularly religious, based upon: the apparent lack of religious zealotry, the normative acceptance of other religious beliefs in their writings, the historical records of congregational attendance, or their own discriminatory feelings toward certain denominational beliefs with which our ancestors were primarily affiliated. However, they lack the spiritual discernment to recognize or understand that, The Judeo-Christian God judges “His children” from the internal matters of their own heart… not the external actions, which we can so readily observe and easily document over time as we prepare a case for a court filled with mere men!

What is it that truly motivates a man’s action? Where are they [truly] in their continuing spiritual growth, and are they properly progressing as His Spirit has led them? What particular pieces of the spiritual puzzle has led them to this place, and what particular pieces will lead them to the next? These are all questions, which only God knows and they are not readily apparent to men!

It is true that, God claims to send the rain in its season to the just and unjust alike, seemingly to many being simply a matter of fairness… and yet, when carefully read, the reasons for that actual occurrence is spiritually revealed to those who, of their own personal nature, enthusiastically dig deeper! The reason that the unjust receives his equivalent blessing is merely for the sake of his more spiritually minded neighbor… when that neighbor must finally leave, whether out of fear for his life, or some other reason, then that naturally presumed blessing [so often taken for granted] soon departs with him. Thus, those that are left behind will ultimately receive the past due payment for all of their significant efforts! The Cities Of The Plain  were simply the most blatant biblical examples of this universal principal in action.

Though a town may be filled to the brim with churches, synagogues, and temples, not one spiritually discerning man may be [actually] numbered among all of them…. Nor, does any apparent lack of these traditional solemn settings preclude a veritable enclave of spiritual discernment and enlightenment. Although much may occur for the reasons of spiritual improvement, trial, and testing; one can more accurately gauge a society’s condition by its overall cycle of blessing and chastisement, than by counting the number of people in its pews on any given, or average, Sunday!

Can we unequivocally know which hardships are the result of chastisement, necessary to our spiritual improvement, or merely a matter of His testing? The answer is both Yes and No! Any societal problem, which is the direct result of disregarding the universal laws, having been set in place by God, is [without a doubt] an obvious and blatant societal chastisement! Some Notable Examples:

- The collapse of our financial system is the direct result of horrific moral and ethical choices on the part of our business executives, political leaders, regulators, and administrators.

- The imminent systemic collapse of our government is due [economically] to: outright theft, political graft, and corruption; and [politically] to: premeditated deception, societal manipulation, and political tyranny.

Our impending societal collapse is the result of our failure to pass on our: religious convictions, moral and ethical values, respect for authority, and proper sense of societal responsibility. Meanwhile, many other calamities and societal tragedies may be discerned through a close scrutiny of the historical record when they are properly kept objective, accurate, and factual! Such instances, like The Civil War, may only be determined after a certain amount of time, which allows our easily excitable passions to cool, and an objective, and spiritual understanding to more fully develop.

Prior to the war, the two main issues were Slavery and Trade. Both issues could have been settled far cheaper, with less animosity, no loss of life, or societal upheaval by the spiritual application of our Judeo-Christian Principles of Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality. By paying the farmers for the governmental taking due to the increase of protectionist tariffs, purchasing the freedom of all slaves at taxpayer expense, and allotting each new family a reasonable portion of already existent ground [with the inclusion of basic tools and farm stock], our nation would have born less than one half the cost - in Union expenditures alone!However, as it is with all cases of selfishness, arrogance, and pride, we took the natural way out - at a consequence, that is still being exerted today.

Finally, there are some calamities and tragedies, which may never be understood without questioning our creator directly; such are the natural disasters, which will occur from time to time. However, it is often interesting to note the ongoing effects of these occurrences with regard to our societal responses! They can, and frequently do, bring out the very best in us as a society at large… they help us to consider who and/or what is truly important overall… and they sometimes even clean the societal slate and assist us in starting anew. For these reasons, I propose that most possess a little of all four aspects for our society in general, but each individual American ultimately receives that which is truly needed… even, if it is only, a test!

Meanwhile, among the numerous Blessings properly attributed to our underlying theocratic political system, the greatest of these is that certain key and pivotal concepts have been forever elevated above the whimsical jurisdiction of mere men by doing so… I am speaking, of course, of our God-Given Freedoms and Rights! By properly acknowledging Our Creator as the ultimate jurisdictional authority, all of our Freedoms and Rights became logically and philosophically Self-Evident in our created physical design. For Example:

· Our Freedoms of Thought, Belief, and Religion are based upon the possession of our own brain; the Freedoms of Speech, Communication, and The Press are the result of our eyes, ears, and tongue; and  Freedom of Movement, Employment, and other Human Activity are due to our possession of legs and feet.

Such God-Given and Self-Evident Freedoms and Rights may only be viewed as Inalienable, since only God [Himself] can change them and even a cursory inspection of the continuing human anatomy shows that, He hasn’t done so over a considerable amount of time! They are also Sacred, Sacrosanct, Inviolate, Nona bridgeable, and Unalterable with respect to the authority of all mere men! It is this spiritually enlightened and philosophical breakthrough that set America apart from all of its earthly neighbors… and that is merely one of the numerous benefits of Judeo-Christian Theocracy.

Yes, I [gratefully] live in A Non-Denominational Religious Theocracy… and I would truly have it no other way! Even as our earthly parents both reward our successes and chasten our failures [thus, displaying proof positive of their continuing love], our heavenly one will do no less [for our ultimate benefit]…. Although chastisement is momentarily and situation-ally painful, its long-term effects are always worth the cost of endurance… for we know without a doubt that, we are loved! This very same concept is written into the scriptures… it reads, “Everyone I love, I rebuke and chasten.” As the wiseman Job once said, “Yet though God curses me, still will I serve Him!”


  1. I would profer that the United States is not a theocracy since there is, in fact, a separation of church and state. The fact that the "forefathers" used a firm belief in God as a perspective to pronounce certain inalienable rights for those they perceived as "the people" (which did not include Blacks or Indians) does not constitute a theocracy. As for the slavery issue, the idea that wealthy land owners would give up 100% of their slaves and their land for any affordable price is utterly absurd.

  2. Vulcan420 said...
    I would profer that the United States is not a theocracy since there is, in fact, a separation of church and state. The fact that the "forefathers" used a firm belief in God as a perspective to pronounce certain inalienable rights for those they perceived as "the people" (which did not include Blacks or Indians) does not constitute a theocracy.

    The United States Constitution and our other foundational documents clealry expressed why those rights were Inalienable, Inviolate, and Unabridgeable in very certain, specific, and philosophically relevant terms - to ensure that everyone who actually read them got the message loud and clear! To think that they wrote it that way merely because they spoke in such grandiose and lofty terms as common everyday speach is preposterous.

    As for the specified references to indians and blacks [which, I might add also included Convicted Felons] was clearly spelled out in the various official minutes [or Article and Constitutional records] as a product of such heated debate over those two specific issues that it physically came to blows on the convention floors each time.

    Like all politicians, they put it off due to time constraints and political practicalities. First at the meeting which generated The Articles of Confederation... then again, at The Constitutional Convention... and finally at the meeting for the adoption of The Bills of Rights.
    I never claimed they were perfect, my friend... only God Is! As He said it best, "I AM, therfore you live!"


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