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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lesser Of Two Evils

Framing an argument, as "The Lesser Of Two Evils" is the greatest trick, which has ever been perpetrated upon mankind! Its highly valued rhetorical construction should be held in equal esteem with the invention of the two-headed coin, as an objective means of settling disputes among friends. While it offers the appearance of an unbiased choice [on the part of all active participants] it offers no relevant choices at all… since the direction is already largely predetermined and the only relevant point of contention is the relative pace of its eventual adoption as the de facto societal structure.

In the case of choosing amongst [Social-Fascist] Democrats and [Fascist] Republicans, we may effectively choose between a Social-Fascist State with the attachment of further Progressive-Socialism, or without it... but, in either case, neither: the current level of American Fascism, nor the debilitating and progressively socialistic bureaucracy already established are called into serious question. That is because the two major political parties are both Fascist [or Leftist] constructions. This brings us back to that proverbial two-headed coin....

Prior to the American Civil War, two major parties were in existence as well... these were the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. At that time, the Democratic-Republicans were the champions of Personal Freedom, Individual Liberty, and State Sovereignty. The Federalists, on the other hand, were champions of Limiting Personal Freedom [to achieve certain perceived societal benefits], Regulating Individual Activities [to direct societal progress], and Federal Hegemony [to centralize political control, focus our societal energies, and increase governmental efficiencies]. Since the average American voter was jealous of his personal Freedoms, fearful of Political Tyranny, and the various States felt the same toward their Constitutional Sovereignties, the Federalists grew weaker and weaker by the year!

However, the growing success of the Democratic-Republicans came at a tremendous cost as well.... You see, when battles are hardly contested and hotly fought against a common enemy - whether political or otherwise - there is a powerful incentive to close ranks, stand together, and clearly define your common strategies... and conversely, when battles are more-easily won, there isn't much need for closing ranks, standing together, or ready-agreement upon any given direction. Therefore, as the Federalists steadily declined in power across Our Union, the Democratic-Republicans splintered and fractured along ideological lines in order to fill the political vacuum left behind! By the time of the American Civil War, the Federalists [although still powerful] could no longer even count on their three State bases to even provide them The Whitehouse... while the Democratic-Republicans were so divided that their moniker meant different things in almost every State of the Union.

What happened next was truly remarkable, from a historical standpoint.... As the nations divided over serious issues of trade, the Democratic-Republican Party began polarizing around two distinct rationalized ideologies. Those now calling themselves Republican predominantly sided with the newly established industrialists of The North, and utilized the political fervor of the Abolitionists toward ending slavery to publicly castigate their southern peers and effectively silence them in Congress. Those calling themselves Democrats generally sided with the agricultural interests of The South, and equally espoused their continued belief in Individual Freedom and State Sovereignty. This is not to say that there were not many northern Democrats, since there were... but the issue for Democrats was Free Trade For Agriculture, even up north!

As President Lincoln was sworn into The Office Of President, the State Representatives and Senators of numerous southern States were leaving The Capital for home. Our 16th President would face a definitive choice in the weeks ahead... allow the southern States to leave [as they were constitutionally permitted to do], or fight to preserve Our Union [knowing all the while, that no union can honestly exist by force]. Although choosing the former path would be socially traumatic, the latter path would [by virtue of its actions] replace The Union with a Federalized Democratic-Republic At Arms.... Wrongly perceiving such a societal parting as being a weakness, he chose the latter!

At the end of The Civil War, the Democrats in The South had little political power, and those in The North were perceived by many as sympathizers or even traitors. The Republicans were very strong in The North for a resoundingly perceived success, and moderately strong in The South until the next generation of voters could grow up to vote. Meanwhile, the Federalists [having lost their one key issue to a Republican no less] never recovered their former political bearings.

With the Federalist Party disintegrating, many American voters of their persuasion were in need of a political home... and the Democrats offered that home. The logic was simple: the Democrats needed more voters to win, the Federalists hated the Republicans, and those Federalist Ideals could invigorate the party! Since the issue of Federal Hegemony had already been decided by Lincoln's bold actions, the Federalist elite among the Democrats began pressing to implement their other supposedly beneficial ideas - such as social empowerment through governmental actions. The direction of the Democrats began to shift further left over time!

The Populist Movement was the societal culmination of this steady political drift. If our government were to ever be truly and socially progressive, then State Representation must be reduced, diminished, or effectively eliminated in Congress... If our nation were to ever truly empower the people, then taxes would have to be established to pay for much needed societal programs... If industry were ever to be reigned in, then regulatory agencies would need to somehow be established under the ever-watchful eye of our courts. The [new] Democratic Party would be the driving engine in the vehicle for these necessary political changes!

At first the Republicans fought them, for every inch of political ground with off and on successes. However, the Democrats were very determined in their efforts! Since the courts had already shown their inadequacy to stand up under political pressures, the Democrats pursued this weakest link with a vengeance... appointing first Populists and then later Social Progressives. The courts reeled wildly under this political onslaught... deciding first to the Left, and than to the Right... giving more and more sacred political ground!

Then the Democrats received a political windfall, in the form of The Great Depression.... people across our land were hurting severely from the results of our Stock Market Crash and Banking Insolvency... the time was ripe for a significant change! Many Republicans were tired of all the fighting, envisioned no real harm in our past subtle changes, and were [by now] used to such concepts as: governmental regulation of private property, governmental seizure of physical assets, and war necessitated command driven economics... the general population was crying out for governmental assistance... their frustrations were in need of a political focus... and the [always clever] Democrats merely put the pieces together!

The New Deal was the Democratic solution to this puzzle... for it gave them the ability to move beyond mere Fascist regulatory control, into their desired realm of designing a New Social-Fascist State! The Republicans fearful of a very real political whiplash, stepped up to the former Democratic position of American Fascism in order to remain relevant - and yet, restraining of any perceived societal dangers. Since that time, both parties have trended significantly Leftward in their overall agendas with the Republicans being at the rightward political edge of what has become a 'One Party System' of highly argumentative Fascists!

Consequently, the American electorate finds itself socially and financially bankrupt nearing the end of the road... they are tossing the only coin left [Fascism], and choosing between Heads [more Social-Fascist ideas] and Tails [the same old Fascist ideas]... and either way it goes American Fascism wins! Meanwhile, for decades now, the Republicans have denied America "A True Second Party" by falsely claiming that either: supporting another party, or creating a new one will inevitably fracture the necessary Conservative Vote. And yet, the ever-diminishing returns on those [very same] votes have finally begun to awaken America to the deception going on!

The Tea Party Movement is the result of such egregious political manipulations upon our nation. Since the Republicans are fearful of losing their power, the are trying to influence this movement back into their political fold after honestly ignoring them for a number of years... but, the Real Americans at its center are beginning to finally become self-aware, take those first few tentative baby steps, and soon they'll be walking on their own! The Tea Party shall be a political force. The only question in many people's minds is: "will it occur soon enough?"

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