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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An American Debt Default is now looming its ugly head; but, we really shouldn't be surprised.

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 President Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke.
One thing that history has taught us, is that when ' The Denials ' have become both: Exceptionally Loud and Frequent - The Worst Case Scenario is always fixing to happen! It happened with: The Great Crash Of 1929, The Technology Bubble, The Mortgage Crisis, The Banking Crisis, and The Overall Worldwide Economy... and it's, now, happening again with Our National Debt Crisis. As hard as it may be to accept, The Federal Government is just days from: " Defaulting On Its Debts. "

Just as those in: Our American Government and Wall Street - intentionally conspired to hide ' The Truth ' of The Impending Mortgage Crisis, in 2007/2008 - even now, they're doing it all over again. Why give The American Public a false sense of Financial Security? Because someone has to buy The Toxic Assets that they're quietly getting rid of - in preparation, for The Upcoming Bad News... and properly informed investors wouldn't dare to touch them! Why buy government bonds, that are going to be Defaulted Upon? Or, why buy government securities in a Hyper-Inflated Economy? No right minded individual would ever risk doing it... and therein lies ' The Real Problem '.

President Barack Hussein Obama went on television tonight - in order to prepare America for The Impending Debt Default; while shifting the blame for its eventual occurrence upon The Republicans in Congress. Not to be outflanked, however, House Speaker John Boehner did the exact same thing in blaming both: The Democrats and President Obama. Now here's where things get truly interesting... because, neither of them was actually lying... since, both: The Democrats and The Republicans are equally responsible! It's all just ' A Shell Game ', since we only have one actual party: " The Democratic-Republicans ".

Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't by: Partisanship, Ignorance, Ineptitude, or Accident - on either political side that has led us to this Debt Default. Since Both Political Parties are being controlled and manipulated by the very same: Organizations, Corporations, Contributors, and Individuals - our only reasonable conclusion is that - this ' Inevitable Outcome ' has been long engineered. Meanwhile, in Isaiah Chapter 23, it describes an ' End Time Nation ' known as: " Latter Day Tyre " - which shares over 200 Verifiable National Characteristics with The United States of America... and no other nation - Past, or Present - shares more than just three....

The Prophet Isaiah, Wrote:
" Behold [ Pay Attention ], the land of The Chaldeans [ I'm talking about a land founded by Rome ], This people which was not [ they weren't from there, nor originally clumped together; but others brought them together ]; Assyria [ The Assyrian Peoples ] founded it for Wild Beasts [ Uncontrollable Tribes, Or Nations ] of The Desert [ they are originally from The Middle East ].
They [ The Aryan People ] set up Its Towers [ built its great cities and skyscrapers ], They [ The Aryan People ] raised up Its Palaces [ controlled and manipulated its governments ], And They [ These Manipulative Men ] brought it To Ruin [ and even destroyed it, right upon schedule, as planned ]. " - Isaiah 23:13.

Now some of you might think, that I'm just another: " Conspiracy Theorist " - merely grasping at Biblical Straws... and others, that I'm just: " A Religious Nut " - seeking yet another following... and yet, nothing could be further from ' The Truth '. If I am, however, then so was the prophet Isaiah. For, it was Isaiah, who plainly wrote:
" For The Mighty One spoke thus to me with a strong hand [ He boldly proclaimed to me ], and instructed me [ and showed me these events in advance ] that I should not walk in the way of this people [ basing my understandings upon my own utter ignorance ], saying:
Do not say, ' A Conspiracy Theory, ' concerning all that this people call a conspiracy theory [ because, it's a verifiable fact ], Nor be afraid of their threats [ for they shall surely make them, quite vocally ], nor be troubled [ because, I am with you always ].
The Mighty One of Heaven, Him you shall hallow [ Reverence Yahweh Alone ]; Let Him be your fear [ others can only harm your body ], And let Him be your dread [ but, Yahweh holds the keys to eternal life ].
He [ Your Creator ] will be as a sanctuary [ a place of protection ], But a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense to both The Houses Of Israel [ Israel The Christians, and Judah The Jews ], As a trap and a snare to The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem [ those Freemasons and Kabbalists who currently inhabit it ],
And many among them [ among both religious systems ] shall stumble [ shall be totally unprepared for what's happening ]; They shall fall and be broken [ lose their faith and turn away ], Be snared and taken [ and, ultimately, be destroyed for their wickedness ].
Bind up The Testimony [ complete The Reformation that I've commanded you ], Seal The Law [ My Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes ] among My disciples [ within My Holy Remnant who will listen ].
And I will wait upon The Mighty One [ in my grave, until The Resurrection Day ], Who hides His face from [ who no longer talks to ] The House Of Jacob [ The Twelve Tribes Of Israel ]; And I will hope in Him [ for, Yahweh keeps all of His promises ].
[ I shall stand up, upon my own feet, and declare this ] Here am I and The Children whom The Mighty One has given me [ those who've listened to my words ]! We are for signs and wonders in Israel [ for we shall explain this message in advance of its happening ] From The Mighty One of Heaven [ Yahweh, Our Creator ], Who dwells in Mount Zion [ in The Most Holy Place ]. "  - Isaiah 8:11-18.

See, what I mean? Isaiah has already told us ' The Reaction To Expect ' at the sounding of This Message... and undoubtedly, it too shall come to pass - as so long ago prophesied! Why should we expect anything different? Those: " Whose eyes are open to see, whose ears are open to hear, and whose hearts are open to True Knowledge " - shall fully understand The Importance and Relevant Significance of this message... while, the rest will find their own personal excuses to mock it and continually refuse to listen. Personally, I don't care one way, or the other... I'm just The Messenger!

But, who are those: " Wild Beasts Of The Desert " - that Isaiah is so clearly talking about? They are the Nations Of Canaan: Tyre [ New England ], Israel [ The Bible Belt ], Edom [ The Heartland ], Moab [ The Desert Southwest ], and Ammon [ The Pacific Northwest ] - the five missing tribes of Ancient Samaria... and they all live here, in The United States of America. Not only, is America mentioned in ' End Time Prophecy '; but, it's mentioned almost as much as: " The Nation Of Babylon [ The European Union ] ".

The American Debt Default wasn't even ' The Beginning Of Our Troubles '! Look around you and truly begin to pay attention.
 { ***NOTE: You will notice that all of the links within this article - are directed to the America In Prophecy blog site. And, this isn't by accident. I would have gladly drawn your attention to any other religious site that possessed ' The True Knowledge ' of these Prophetical Scriptures. But, there wasn't one... upon The Entire Internet! So, I had to create it, by myself.... So, if you've wondered where I've been, or what I've been doing, then there's your honest answer.}

Our: American Debt Default, Monetary Hyperinflation, and Collapse Of The Dollar - are merely the obvious manifestations of a much larger spiritual problem. The United States of America is headed for its own date with destiny... The Judgment Of Yahweh has already been pronounced. There is nothing more that I [ or, anyone else ] can do to save it! What we can do, however, is: " Make our path's straight for Yahweh ", and seek out: " His valuable knowledge "... and maybe, just maybe... He'll find us acceptable, among ' The Beloved '.

By the way, I have no intention of starting [ or founding ] ' A Church '. Besides, The Sign Of A True Watchman is: " The Voice Of One Calling In The Wilderness ". The majority has always been wrong... and that's the reason why America is in the mess that it's in. You see, Debt Defaults are the inevitable result of a political majority living in A Popular Democracy! A fact which our forefathers clearly explained to us, a very long time ago....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Peace and Love - be upon you!

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